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November, 2017

After-Exam Lunch Freshmen

November 1st, 2017 - November 1st, 2017
TvA 1.0.34

Are you dying to be done with the exams too? At least we are! You’re welcome from 10:30 outside at the Synergyroom (TvA1.00.34) for a nice hotdog to reboost your energylevel. A bun is only € 1,-. We hope to see you there!

After-Exam Lunch 2nd & 3rd Year

November 3rd, 2017 - November 3rd, 2017
TvA 1.0.34

Are you dying to be done with the exams too? At least we are! You’re welcome from 10:30 outside at the Synergyroom (TvA1.00.34) for a nice hotdog to reboost your energylevel. A bun is only € 1,-. We hope to see you there!

Personal Development Workshop by GORTcoaching

November 6th, 2017 - November 6th, 2017
TvA 1.0.09

The workshop Before the Nijmegen Career Event GORTcoaching offers a workshop about  personal development. You will gain more insight about your own  strengths, pitfalls, goals and motivation, with the help of the ‘core  quadrant model’ of Daniel Ofman. With the enlargement of your  self-knowledge you can create a better basis for the job market. With  this you can not only present yourself better in solicitations and  network calls, you will also gain more insight into which companies and  which functions fit best. Further your self-knowledge helps with an  effective communication and collaboration. GORTcoaching GORTcoaching is a national coaching agency for individual coaching and  team coaching. The company is founded out of love for the profession and  grew because of enthusiastic customers who have followed an inspiring  coaching track. We work a lot for individuals, companies and ambitious  coaching agencies who want their coaches to perform even better.  Personal development is a central concept at GORTcoaching. That is why  we also offer trainings besides workshops. A good way to invest in  yourself! For more information about GORTcoaching go to .

Synergy Drink: All on Board to go Abroad

November 6th, 2017 | 21.00h
Drie Gezusters

Do you want to know the destination for the Atlastrip this year? Come to the Synergy Drink on the 6th of November in the Drie Gezusters. The theme: All on board to go abroad! So bring your best outfit and wait for the announcement while enjoying free shots, beer and snacks. The first barrel will be free and a beer is only €1, - so be in time and we’ll see you there at 21:00! 

General Members Meeting

November 9th, 2017 | 19.30h
De Waagh

On Thursday the 9 th  of November, the board of Synergy will present their policy plan and financial plan during the General Members Meeting. The General Members Meeting will be in Dutch.   The General Members Meeting will start at 20.00 hours at the Waagh. You are welcome to join us from 19.30 hours and have a cup of coffee or tea. The agenda, the policy plan, the financial plan and the records of the last General Members Meeting are available at the Synergy office (TvA 1.00.34) from the 26 th of October. Our secretary can also email these documents to you, except for the financial plan. If you do not understand Dutch, our secretary can send you a summary in English.   If you cannot attend the General Members Meeting, please send an email to . Someone else can vote for you, if you tell us 24 hours before the start of the General Members Meeting.

Application Workshop by Stolwijk Kelderman

November 13th, 2017 - November 13th, 2017
T.v.A. 3.0.07

Unfortunately, this activity will be in Dutch. On Monday the 13th of November, Eslbeth Adams, recruiter at Stolwijk  Kelderman, will take you into the world of job applications. What should  you pay attention to when writing a letter of application and CV. What  influence does social media have in this process? How can you prepare  for a job interview? And how do you ensure that you are fully in your  power in a job interview? Furthermore, we will look at the power of a  good network. This way you can continue on "the road to success". What is Stolwijk Kelderman? Stolwijk Kelderman is a Dutch-based accountancy, tax and business  consultancy firm, with offices in Nijmegen, Zevenaar and Doetinchem.  Currently the firm employs 71 experienced consultants and further  leverages a network of highly-qualified independent specialists. Thanks  to this pool of expertise (112 in total), we are able to carry out  statutory audits for public authorities, healthcare and general  businesses. We also regularly consult on HR, mergers & acquisitions,  corporate consultancy & restructuring and have set up a special unit -  Stolwijk den Hartigh - specialising in governance and ͚frauditing͛  (fraud and auditing). For more information about Stolwijk Kelderman, you can take a look at:

Toep Tournament

November 14th, 2017 | 20.00h
BEER & Bites

Are you a fan of playing ‘Toepen’ and do you want to become the Toep King/Queen? The board of Synergy organizes a Toep Tournament on Tuesday the 14 th of November. The winner gets the title Toep King/Queen and a poster in the Synergy room. We will start at 8 PM in the BEER & Bites with a free craft beer, after that the tournament begins. There are limited spots available so subscribe quickly! The activity costs €3,-. If you want to unsubscribe for an activity, this can be done up to 24 hours before the activity by sending an email to The activity fee will be refunded minus €0,36 euro for IDeal costs.

Networking Workshop by Frisse Blikken

November 15th, 2017 - November 15th, 2017
Erasmus 1.10

Unfortunately, this activity will be in Dutch. Workshop When you are looking for an internship or even a job, it is very  important to present yourself. What impression do you make on others  during an network event and what influence does this have? What do you  say to someone when someone walks by with bitterballen? Or how to you  introduce yourself? On the 15th of November we take you into the world  of Frisse Blikken. In an interactive way you will discover and  experience what is important in networking. In this way Frisse Blikken  will contribute to your road to success. What is Frisse Blikken? Frisse Blikken are professionals who are screaming for Freedom,  Responsibility and Trust and are living for entrepreneurship. With us, young starters  get the opportunity to gain the knowledge, experience and network needed  to become a successful self-employed entrepreneur. We support  organizations with modern challenges by engaging creative project  managers on issues such as talent development, communication and  flexibility. The effect: new possibilities that better match the  consumer, employee and environment of today. Frisse Blikken makes every  challenge a chance and before you know it you find yourself in a cool game or an unforgettable  team day.

Open BA-Party: Synergy goes Geordie - Let's get Mortal!

November 15th, 2017 | 22.30h
El Sombrero

Ay Ayyy Everyone, are you all ready to celebrate a night out with the Geordies? Who doesn’t know our radgies from Newcastle with the extensions, fake tan and loads of makeup? On Wednesday the 15th of November we want to see all of you dressed up as the extravagant Geordies on the Open BA-Party! Clothes with panther design, fake fur, pink clothes, extensions and of course the makeup. But the Geordies are also well known for something else: Drinking! So everyone lets hit the El Sombrero and get Mortal!  The party starts at 22:30 in the El Sombrero. Members have free entrance with their member cards. Non-members pay €2,-.

Alliander Business Course

November 16th, 2017 - November 16th, 2017
Hoofdkantoor Alliander Arnhem

Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch students only. Ben jij nieuwsgierig naar de uitdagingen waar Alliander tegen aan loopt in een steeds duurzamere wereld? Meld je aan voor onze Business Course en maak kennis met de vraagstukken, bedrijfscultuur en medewerkers van de grootste netbeheerder van Nederland! Tijdens twee intensieve dagen word je ondergedompeld in de wereld van energie en netbeheer, waarbij je gaat ervaren hoe het is om als trainee bij Alliander te werken. Zo ga je bijvoorbeeld aan de slag met een uitdagende Business Case, je gaat in gesprek met verschillende Alliander collega’s en je krijgt een kijkje in de dagelijkse praktijk. Ook krijg je een korte training van De Baak, het trainingsinstituut waar onze trainees hun persoonlijke ontwikkeltraject volgen. Uiteraard maak je gedurende deze twee dagen kennis met meerdere trainees, wie kan je immers beter vertellen hoe het is om als jong talent bij Alliander te werken? Daar hoort een diner, borrel én overnachting in Arnhem bij! Wie ben jij? De Business Course is voor studenten en starters die een technische, bedrijfskundige, financiële of IT studie volgen of hebben gevolgd (tot maximaal 2 jaar werkervaring) en die affiniteit hebben met de energiesector. Hoe meld ik me aan? Enthousiast geworden? Meld je dan nu aan! Via de aanmeldknop op de website kan je eenvoudig je CV en een korte motivatie uploaden. Je kan je inschrijven tot en met 16 november. Selectieprocedure Zodra je op basis van je cv en motivatie geselecteerd bent word je uitgenodigd om online een capaciteiten- en persoonlijkheidstest te maken. Deze tests geven je inzicht in jouw talenten en werkpunten, iets wat van pas kan komen als starter op de arbeidsmarkt! Er is een beperkt aantal plekken beschikbaar en vol = vol, wacht dus niet te lang met aanmelden!  

Nijmegen Career Nijmegen

November 21st, 2017 - November 22nd, 2017
Sanadome Nijmegen

On November 21st and 22nd the Nijmegen Career Event 2017 will take place. This event is meant to bring students and companies together. During various workshops, presentations, wine tastings and individual conversations, students can get to know companies of their own interest. At noon the students will eat their lunch and visit the company market whereat they can talk to company recruiters and ask all their questions. At the end of each NCE-day, there will be an informal drink with snacks and beverages. The event takes place at Sanadome Nijmegen. Don't miss out!   If you want to attend to the NCE 2017, subscribe at the website . Be aware: the costs for one day are €5,- and for both days €7,50. Coffee and tea, lunch and the drink afterwards are included.

Atlas Trip Moscow Subscription

November 27th, 2017
Moscow, Russia

The destination of the Atlas Trip has been announced! This year we will be visiting the beautiful city Moscow! The trip will take place from the 14th of April till the 21th of April. For a price of € 495,- you can go on this trip (including SNUF subsidy). When you are not qualified to receive subsidy, the price will be € 595,-. Payment for the trip will be done by automatic collection. For this price you get a fully arranged trip to Russia, including visa and dinner for 5 days. We will visit several companies and we also organize cultural activities. Next to this we will enjoy the Moscow nightlife!  The subscriptions wil open the 7th of November at 10:00 and will close the 28th of November at 17:00 sharp. There is an option to subscribe with a  buddy. You can do this by writing the name of your buddy in the comment box. We will raffle between everyone that subscribed, the results will follow the 29th of November. Unsubscribing for the trip can be done by sending an email to The deadline for unsubscribing is the 12th of December at 17:00 sharp. If you wish to unsubscribe after this deadline, the automatic collection will still be drafted. For this trip, the Synergy travel conditions apply.

Salsa Workshop for (pre-)Masters

November 27th, 2017 | 19.45h
De Waagh

Do you master the dancing techniques of Salsa and Bachata? Not yet?! No worries, the Informal Master Committee is here to help you out: On the 27th of November there will be an evening full of hip rolls, Cuban dancing skills and Latin party vibes! Grab those dusty dancing shoes and sign up for a workshop salsa dancing with your fellow (international) Pre-Master and Master students. The workshop starts at 19:45 in the Waagh (upstairs) and will end at 21:00. For the real passionate Latinas and Latinos there will be drinks afterwards at the bar downstairs. The price for members is €5,- and non-members pay €7,50.  See you there!   You can either sign up with a dance partner or alone. A free drink is included in the price.   If you want to unsubscribe for an activity, this can be done up to 24 hours before the activity by sending an email to The activity fee will be refunded minus €0,36 euro for IDeal costs.    

Management Madness: Winter White

November 29th, 2017 | 23.00h
Sjors & Sjimmie

On Wednesday the 29th of November the SVM organizes the third edition of Management Madness. The theme of the party will be Winter White, so put on your best white outfit! Café Sjors & Sjimmie will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland! Make sure to be there! Use the Management Madness Deals: Beer: €1,- till 00.30 am  Bacardi-Cola: €4 Shot of Sourz Red with Goldstrike: €2,50 Tickets are for sale at the Synergy office!