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Go Dutch Pub Quiz 2018!

March 21st, 2018 | 19.15h

On Wednesday March 21st, the International Committee organizes the Go Dutch Pub Quiz 2018! Do you know all about the Dutch, their music, customs and crazy ways? Join one of the teams competing for the title of Fake Dutchies 2018-2019! The pub quiz includes some free beers and snacks and will be lots of fun, so sign yourself and your friends up ASAP. The activity costs €2,- for members and €5,- for non-members. The activity starts at 7:15 PM in Bascafé. This activity is open for both International- and Dutch students! However, internationals have an advantage if the amount of subscriptions exceeds the amount of places for the activity. You can also select a buddy while signing up.Please mention the buddy in the subscription. Are you the Dutch buddy? Please mention your international buddy. Both you and your buddy have to subscribe. ​Unsubscribing is possible by sending an email to

Be-Re Party: Gummy bear in the Atmosphere

March 21st, 2018 | 22.30h
Drie Gezusters

On Wednesday the 21st of March, the Be-Re Party takes place! This party is a collaboration between JFV (faculty association of law) and Synergy. The theme of this edition is Gummy bear in the atmosphere. More information will follow!

General Members Meeting: Semi Annual Policy Evaluation

March 26th, 2018 | 19.30h
De Waagh

On Monday the 26 th  of March, the board of Synergy will evaluate their policy plan and financial plan during the General Members Meeting. The General Members Meeting will be in Dutch.   The General Members Meeting will start at 20.00 hours at the Waagh. You are welcome to join us from 19.30 hours and have a cup of coffee or tea. The agenda, the evaluated policy plan, the financial plan and the records of the last General Members Meeting are available at the Synergy office (TvA 1.00.34) from the 12 th  of March. Our  secretary  can also email these documents to you, except for the financial plan. If you do not understand Dutch, our  secretary  can send you a summary in English.   If you cannot attend the General Members Meeting, please send an email to . Someone else can vote for you, if you tell us 24 hours before the start of the General Members Meeting.

Inhouseday Alliander

March 27th, 2018

*Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch speaking students only* Alliander is a net operator and is responsible for providing over 3 million customers with their daily electricity and gas. In a society that is getting more and more sustainable, this is an interesting challenge! During the inhouseday on the 27th of March, you get the opportunity to get to know the organisation and the Alliander traineeship in an interactive setting. You will take part in several activities at the renewed and sustainable headquarters in Arnhem. There you will get to know the organisation's culture, several parts of Alliander and the employees and the current trainees. At the end of the day, a drink will take place. This inhouseday is the ideal opportunity to get to know Alliander in an informal setting. We will see you there! This activity is free for members and non-members. Unsubscribing for the activity is possible by sending an email to


March 28th, 2018 | 20.30h
De Hemel

Do you like beer and cosiness? Join us on Wednesday the 28 th  of March at 9:15 pm for the beertasting at De Hemel. After the beertasting, we can join the G4-party. For members it’s just €5 and non-members pay €8,80 for 6 beers and some tasty snacks. 

G4-Party: May the 4ce be with you

March 28th, 2018 | 23.00h
3 Gezusters, Molenstraat

On the 28th of March, the annual G4-party takes place. This party is a collaboration between the four great study- and faculty associations in Nijmegen: JFV, MFVN, TFV and Synergy. The theme of this party is May the 4ce be with you! The party takes place in all of the 3 Gezusters and starts at 11 PM. We'll see you there!

Past events

Synergy Drink: Sing-Along

March 5th, 2018 | 21.00h
Drie Gezusters

On the 5th of March the next Synergy drink will be held in the 3 Gezusters at 21:00. The theme will be Synergy sing-along as we will sing along with as many karaoke songs as you want. Of course there will be free shots and a free barrel to bring you in the singing mood. Hope to see you there at 21:00!

Inhouseday at EVG Start

March 7th, 2018
EVG Start, Amsterdam

Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch speaking students only. Inhousedag 7 Maart 2018 Weet jij al wat je later wil worden? Sommige mensen weten al van jongs af aan wat ze later willen worden. Astronaut, chirurg, juf op school. Maar met sommige beroepen is het moeilijk je voor te stellen wat zo iemand doet. ICT manager is zo’n beroep. En dat terwijl het een van de meest geweldige beroepen ter wereld is. Vinden wij. Om zo veel mogelijk mensen kennis te laten maken met dit geweldige vak organiseren wij elk half jaar een Start Café. Hier komen afstuderenden en pas afgestudeerden naar toe om te ervaren hoe het is om ICT manager te zijn. Op 7 maart 2018  organiseren we weer een Inhousedag : ons Start Café. Deze keer doen we dit weer in de vorm van een Inhousedag op ons kantoor in Amsterdam. Tijdens deze dag kom je erachter waar EVG Start voor staat en wat je kan verwachten van ons traineeship. En wie weet kom je er zelfs achter wat je later wil worden! Na de game is er tijd om onder het genot van een pizza en een drankje na te praten met een aantal van onze Trainees. Wie zijn wij? EVG Start selecteert, begeleidt en ontwikkelt toptalent tot de ICT Manager van morgen. Dat vak vinden wij namelijk het mooiste vak dat er is. En wij vinden dat jong talent belangrijk is voor het succes van organisaties. Talent inspireert, verfrist en maakt het verschil. Het EVG Start Traineeship is speciaal ontwikkeld voor pas afgestudeerde hbo’ers en academici. Talenten dus. Het duurt 2 jaar en zit vol met de kennis en ervaring van onze experts, onze trainees en onze klanten. Uniek is dat je bij ons geen ICT vooropleiding nodig hebt, iedereen direct een persoonlijke coach krijgt en je de volle 2 jaar bij één opdrachtgever werkt. Zo ontwikkelen we je van toptalent tot ICT Manager van morgen. En wie ben jij? Oké, dus EVG Start ontwikkelt toptalenten tot de ICT Manager van morgen. Maar ben jij het toptalent dat wij zoeken? Ben je ambitieus en beschik je over een gezond verstand? Heb je affiniteit met techniek maar ben je geen techneut? En ben jij een tikkeltje eigenwijs? Ja? Mooi, want dan zijn we op zoek naar jou! Wil je nog meer weten? Heb je in de tussentijd vragen? Neem dan contact op met Jetske Hoyng-Ruiter van onze recruitment afdeling (06-15424445; of bekijk eens de profielen van onze trainees. Inschrijven Enthousiast geworden? Schrijf je dan snel in! Dit kan via de website van EVG Start . Let op: er worden veel inschrijvingen verwacht dus het kan zijn dat niet iedereen ontvangen kan worden.

Business Trip

March 7th, 2018 - March 8th, 2018
Milan, Italy

Have you always been curious about what it is alike inside the biggest multinationals in the world? And are you curious about what it is like after your study? Or do you maybe just want to spend two days in one of the biggest cities of Europe? This can all come true! This year the Business Trip will take you all the way to Milan, Italy. There we will spend two days, and visit multinationals, such as Armani and Landor. The price is €75 for members, and €100 for non-members. The Business Trip will take place at the 7th and 8th of March 2018 and the subscriptions will be open from the 6th of February 10.00 AM till the 9th of February 11:59 AM. You can fill in the name of your buddy in the “ opmerkingenveld”. There are only 39 places available, so we will raffle who can join us on the trip. Arrivederci! Subscribing is no longer possible.  For this trip, the Synergy travel conditions apply.

RAG-Week food promo: Panini's

March 12th, 2018 | 12.30h - 13.30h
To be announced

On Monday the 12th of March, Synergy will sell delicious panini's during the lunch break! All profits will go to the RAG-Week, a foundation that annually organizes the RAG-week to raise money for charities. This year, the charities are Stichting 113 Zelfmoordpreventie and Stichting ACNS Projecthulp. The panini's will cost €2,50 each. 

Synergy Conference

March 13th, 2018 | 8.30h - 18.00h

*Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch students only* Do you want to know how to survive in the big business world that changes constantly? Do you want to hear the real success stories? Or stories about setbacks that had an impact on a company? This will all happen at the Synergy Conference on the 13th of March at the Honig Complex! The subscriptions will open on the 8th of February and will close the 5th of March at 23:59 hour. The activity costs €5,- for members and €17,50,- for non-members. The Conference will begin at 9:00 o’ clock. Allard van Riel will be the opening speaker and will tell you everything about this year’s theme ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Then there are presentations by Damir Perkic, the founder of Be-O Bottle, and Peter van der Duin of Stichting Toekomst der Techniek. You definitely don’t want to miss this! After the presentations, you can join workshops by one of the following companies: NPEX The main sponsor of the conference is NPEX. NPEX focuses on SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) looking for growth capital by issuing shares or bonds. The company offers investors the opportunity to directly invest in these growing enterprises and therefore in the motor of the Dutch economy. Their workshop promises to be an interesting experience. Randstad Since 1964, the Randstad Group excels in finding the ideal match between people and organizations. In their workshop, the employment agency will guide you through the developments in their organization and how to apply for a job in today’s job market. Enexis Enexis is one of the seven network managing companies of the Netherlands. They are responsible for the transfer of energy to your home.  In their workshop, you will focus on your leadership- and communication style, to see how you can lead Enexis through the energy transition.  *Especially interesting for master students because of Enexis’ traineeships!* De Jong & Laan With more than ten thousand customers, de Jong & Laan is the largest independent accounting firm in the northern, eastern and middle areas of the Netherlands. Next to accounting, the firm also has specialists in asset planning, HR, taxes and other topcis. However, the workshop of de Jong & Laan will be about corporate finance. Eiffel What drives EIFFEL?  Primarily, it is the legal, financial and process-based challenges that our clients face. After all, this is what we are working for with all EIFFEL colleagues on a daily basis with great pleasure and hardness. But our motives go beyond working hard and performing well. What characterizes us is inspiration, passion and a healthy ambition to keep doing better and smarter. Herstructureringsmaatschappij Overijssel (HMO); Sociale Innovatie The High Tech System Park (HTSP) Hengelo, partially developed by HMO, is a large business park on which multiple companies are settled. The settled companies and HMO want to make HTSP into a unique business ecosystem. To achieve this, they focus, among others, on social innovation. This topic includes the changing job market, work and working environment. How can HTSP contribute to solving the problems in this area? That’s the central question in this workshop. Herstructureringsmaatschappij Overijssel (HMO); Business Development The High Tech System Park (HTSP) Hengelo, partially developed by HMO, is a large business park on which multiple companies are settled. The settled companies and HMO want to make HTSP into a unique business ecosystem. To achieve this, they focus, among others, on business development. This topic is about the dynamic environment companies have to deal with by working together. How can individual and collective interests of companies meet? That’s the central question in this workshop. You can mention your preferences for the workshops at the subscription.  The companies that participate in the first round at the Synergy Conference are: Jong en Laan Randstad Herstructureringsmaatschappij Overijssel (HMO): Sociale innovatie The companies that participate in the second round at the Synergy Conference are: NPEX Enexis Eiffel Herstructureringsmaatschappij Overijssel (HMO):   Business Development Between the presentations and workshops there will be two coffee breaks, and a lunch break included that will be at the Meesterproef! At the end of the day, at around 16:45, Allard will finish the day and then there will be a drink. If you want to unsubscribe for this activity, this can be done until the 9th of March by sending an email to The activity fee will be refunded minus €0,36 euro for IDeal costs.

Diner Rouler

March 14th, 2018 | 17.45h
Van Buren

On the 14th of March, the Diner Rouler takes place. during this night, we will eat several courses at several restaurants! We start at 5:45 PM at Van Buuren. The activity costs €7,50 for members and €20,- for non-members, which includes all courses and some drinks. If you want to unsubscribe for an activity, this can be done up to 24 hours before the activity by sending an email to The activity fee will be refunded minus €0,36 euro for IDeal costs.

Workshop stress-free studying by accon avm

March 15th, 2018 | 12.30h
EOS 01.170

*Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch students only* Do you know the feeling of stress that controls your life? Are you looking for ways to get rid of stress for good? Join us at the workshop stress free studying! In our current society, you are confronted with all kinds of information and you have to balance lots of things. We all have our study that takes a lot of time and effort and at the same time we try to invest in our future, family and friends. During this workshop stress free studying you get to learn methods and ways to ban stress from your life. Accon avm is convinced that it is important to support employees in their work-life balance, to ensure that they can work with passion and energy. To do so, flexibility and space to undertake are a must. Do you want to know how accon avm deals with stress and ensures the right work-life balance? Be sure to subscribe! The activity is free for both members and non-members and includes a free lunch. The workshop starts at 12:30 and takes place in EOS 01.170. Unsubscribing is possible by sending an email to

Negotiation Workshop by Rembrandt

March 19th, 2018 | 12.30h - 14.30h
EOS 01.170

*Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch speaking students only* Op 19 maart organiseert Rembrandt Fusies en Overnames een workshop in onderhandelen. Tijdens deze workshop gaan wij in op de theorie van het onderhandelen. Waar loop je tegen aan wanneer je zelf onderhandelt, wat voor type onderhandelaar ben jij en hoe kun je jouw kwaliteiten inzetten om succesvol te onderhandelen? Wat maakt een onderhandeling effectief/ineffectief en hoe zorg je ervoor dat jouw belangen behartigd worden terwijl je toch de sfeer goed houdt? Ook gaan jullie zelf in groepjes onderhandelen. Aan het einde van de workshop bespreken wij de ervaringen met onderhandelen. De activiteit duurt van 12:30 tot 14:30 en is gratis voor zowel leden als niet-leden. De workshop vindt plaats in EOS 01.170. Bij de workshop zit een gratis lunch inbegrepen! Inschrijvingen sluiten op 18 maart. Uitschrijven voor deze activiteit kan door een mailtje te sturen naar Wie is Rembrandt Fusies en Overnames? Rembrandt Fusies en Overnames (F&O) is een van de grootste onafhankelijke organisaties in Nederland op het gebied van fusies en overnames. Rembrandt F&O is een onderdeel van de Rabobank Groep en heeft als kernactiviteit advisering en begeleiding bij koop en verkoop van niet-beursgenoteerde ondernemingen. Typische klanten van Rembrandt F&O zijn directeur-grootaandeelhouder (DGA’s), ondernemers en familiebedrijven. De focus ligt op transacties met een omvang tot € 100 miljoen. Kijk voor meer informatie op

Lecture by Parts on Demand (with drink)

March 20th, 2018 | 19.15h - 21.30h
EOS 01.320

*Unfortunately, this activity is for Dutch speaking students only* On Tuesday the 20th of March, Synergy organizes a lecture with a drink at the end! Parts on Demand is active in the business of 3D-printing and additive manufacturing and is a pioneer in Europe in the 3D-printing business. During the lecture, Neil van Es, owner of Parts on Demand, will focus on the upcoming business that is 3D-printing and he will go in depth on how he started his business. After the lecture, there will be some drinks and the chance to ask Neil all about his business and experience. We hope to see you there on the 20th of March! The activity starts at 7:15 PM and will end 9:30 PM and will take place in  EOS 01.320. The price will be free of charge for members and €3,- for non-members. Drinks afterwards are included. If you want to unsubscribe for this activity, this can be done by sending an email to