Questions and Remarks

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Questions and remarks
Do you have any questions or remarks about education or the faculty? We are here for you! Below is explained who to contact for these matters. Furthermore, here you can find the regulation of the co-determination within the studies and the Nijmegen School of Management.

  • Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs
    The Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs at Synergy represents the interests of the students of the Business Administration department. The commissioner acts as the first contact person in case there are complaints about education in Business Administration. Do you have questions about for example summaries, tutoring, ordering books or readers, the facilities or contact information? Please send an email to our Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs or you can come by at the Synergy office (EOS 00.180).
  • Study advisors
    The study advisors are the first to contact for study guidance. If you have questions about your own study progress or want to discuss problems (both study-related and personal), you can contact these advisors. You can find their contact information of your study advisor here. The study advisor for all master programmes in Business Administraton is Remke Friesen. 

  • Programme committee (Dutch abbreviation: OLC)
    Each field of study has its own programme committee. This committee monitors the quality of the program and consists of students, teachers and study advisors. The main tasks are the evaluation of education and giving an opinion on the annual adoption of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). So if you have any questions or remarks about your educational programme, please contact the programme committee. More information can be found here.

  • Faculty Student Council (Dutch abbreviation: FSR)

The Faculty Student Council is an elected student representation at faculty level and exists at every faculty. The FSR is made up of six students who, on behalf of all students of the faculty, participate in the discussion and even take part in the decision-making process of the Faculty Board. The FSR is responsible for assessing the dean's (education) plans. When assessing these plans, the best interests of the student will be taken into account.If you have a complaint, a question or just want to give your opinion about the ins and outs of the faculty, please send an email to the FSR here.


  • Examination Board
    Examinations, the course of affairs during and around exams and the assessment of assignments play an important role in the task of the Examination Board. The Examination Board appoints examiners, supervises the orderly progress of examinations and inspection, combats fraud, determines the sanction for fraudulent students, promotes and monitors the quality of the tests, decides on the application of the OER and checks whether special circumstances justify deviations from the rules. The granting of exemptions, admission to the study program or education in the next phase and admission to examinations or interim examinations also form the scope of the Examination Board. For more information click here
  • Assessor
    The most important task of the Student Assessor is to represent students at the faculty. A Student Assessor ensures that the views of the students within the faculty are heard in decisions at management level. In order to keep a close eye on what is going on with students and to keep them informed of what is being decided at the faculty, it is important for a Student Assessor to keep in touch with students. Contact the assessor here.
  • Confidential counselors
    Anyone can have to deal with some form of undesirable behavior in the workplace, such as bullying, aggression or abuse of power. Discussing it with the person in question or with your manager can be a barrier or in some situations even impossible. You can report this and discuss your approach with a confidential advisor. You can contact a confidential counselor here.