Dasta Coffee

DASTA, the specialist in coffee, machines & service

Are you looking for a reliable coffee and machine supplier who provides honest and expert advice? We warmly welcome you to our family-owned business, Dasta.

Machines & Products

At Dasta, you have a choice of various delightful coffee blends. Additionally, we offer a wide range of coffee machines. With our extensive selection, Dasta caters to various businesses in the SME sector, schools, and sports clubs for all their coffee needs.

Who We Are - DASTA

Delicious coffee and an easy-to-use coffee machine are essential in any business, organization, hospitality venue, school, or sports club. Aside from our own coffees, Dasta offers a broad range of coffee machines that provide every organization with delicious coffee and other hot beverages. Dasta manages its technical service in-house.

In Summary

Dasta, a family-owned business, is a coffee supplier that serves you with honest advice, offering the best coffee and coffee machines, with a strong emphasis on service.