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At Young Colfield, your growth and voyage of discovery are central. We facilitate a breeding ground in which young talent can grow. Getting things moving, is something that we believe in. And we do this in 3 different ways: A multi-company Talent Program; Dedicated Programs within ING and ABN-AMRO; and Crowd Consulting.

Talent Program

In our Talent Program you will complete three or four assignments of approximately six to eight months at a wide range of companies in two years. From start-up, to non-profit, to corporate. In positions such as project manager, junior consultant and / or business analyst. In this way you can discover which sector, function and environment suits you and where your talents and challenges lie. In addition, you will receive intensive personal guidance and an extensive training program during these two years. This concerns both hard-skill training (such as Scrum Agile or Lean), and soft-skill training (such as Management Drives, Conflict Management and Personal Leadership). You go through the training program together with your team consisting of 7 other trainees, with whom you build a close relationship!

Interested? Take a look at our website to see if this program suits you!

Dedicated Program

The Dedicated Programs focus specifically on one company. A Top Engineer Program at ING and a Business-IT Specialist Program at ABN-AMRO. Together with 4-5 other trainees you will work in an innovative environment and you will also receive training to develop into a Top Engineer or Business IT specialist. We develop the program together with the client. In addition to your specialization, training and guidance are facilitated by Young Colfield during your traineeship. Curious about the details? Then take a look here.

Crowd Consulting: Inspiring Crowds that create future proof concepts

The power of the crowd is the starting point of this program. You work together on an issue with a group with a wide variety of backgrounds. This crowd consists of Young professionals from and through Young Colfield (network of 250+ young people), employees of the client and so-called theme experts. Whether it concerns brainstorming sessions, trend analysis or the testing of ideas. During your traineeship, both Talent Program and Dedicated Program, you have the opportunity to participate in these inspiring sessions. Together you will come up with a few smart ideas in no time. Does this appeal to you? Then look here.

Our vacancies for the Talent Program and Dedicated Program are ongoing all year round! Would you like to know more or are you interested? Check our website: or mail to In addition, you can of course always contact our Talent Connectors Anneloes or Nina by telephone, for example, to ask questions or to make an appointment for a cup of coffee. We can be reached on: 020 - 460 9555 or 06-27300876. 

Maybe we will see you in the future!

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