High Select

Do you have ambition to improve healthcare? Meet High Select! With the two-year 'Care & Welfare' Traineeship you follow a valuable development process in which you are intensively guided, trained and coached. In addition, you work at different organizations by carrying out varied assignments with which you gain a lot of knowledge and experience.

As a young professional you naturally want to make a flying start in your career. High Select offers you the chance to find out what kind of work and position you like. Actively participate in the organization and carry out various projects in a department in the direction of policy, HRM, finance, marketing, communication, quality, management support or legislation and regulations. Discover where your interests lie and how you can add value to healthcare with your talents

Are you curious about the kind of projects you could carry out? Please take a look at our website to see where Trainees will carry out assignments.

In addition to the experiences you will gain, you follow the High Select Development Programme. This consists of professional guidance & coaching, valuable training, development assessments, workshops and inspiration sessions. Thanks to this intensive training program you will be completely ready for the next step in your career after completing our Traineeship!

Why do you fit in with High Select?

  • You are full of Passion for Care. This gives you energy to do a little better every day;
  • Quality comes first for you. Good comes before many;
  • You have guts. You dare to take that first step;
  • You are Open and make clear agreements;
  • Development is important to you. You want to get the most out of it!

What do you get energy from?

As part of our development program we offer every Trainee an Energy Drives® scan. This is a tool to gain insight into your behavior and that of others. This has to do with drives: thinking preferences that indicate what gives you energy or what drains you. Insight into your motives can help you with your personal development, both privately and as a future change agent in healthcare.