Honorary Members

Nol Vermeulen

When Synergy was founded with the help of Nol Vermeulen, he played a crucial role in providing a start-up capital, computers, a telephone connection and connections with companies. From 2002, a tradition started to organize a policy weekend for the board on the estate of Nol Vermeulen in Weeze (Germany).

In the past, Nol Vermeulen once was a study advisor of Business Administration. At the moment, Nol Vermeulen is active as the study advisor of the Biology faculty.

Daan Mol

From the year 2002, Daan Mol became the IT system administrator of Synergy. He introduced the online portal in 2012, an online system for students to enroll for activities and many more benifcial features. This also resulted in a great progress considering the general administration of the association. In 2017 this portal was integrated in the new website.

Daan doesn’t work at the Radboud University or in Nijmegen anymore, but he always makes time for Synergy when he is needed.