We know your struggle 

Your study is (almost) over! What will be your next step? You are talented, curious, ambitious, interested in IT and looking for a successful career start in which you can immediately show which skills you haveAt a place where you can develop quickly. Offers enough, but how do you make the best choice? Where can you learn the most? What kind of work suits you best? And most importantly: what makes you really happy? 

What we offer 

iTrainee helps you with finding your perfect job and gives your career a successful kickstart. How do we do that? With a trainee program for SAP, the most widely used business software in the world. After an intensive selection procedure, you follow a SAP training of three months in which you specialize in a functional and / or technical direction and work on your consultancy skills. Then you will work as a trainee at the company that best suits your wishes and ambitions. This can be a well-known organization such as ASML or Heineken, but also a consultancy firm such as Deloitte or Atos. Do you like the collaboration? Then you have found your employer and a contract is ready for you. 

iTrainee has been the golden springboard for the careers of hundreds talented young people. Our trainees are working on the development of new applications in healthcare. They automate entire warehouses with Internet of Things and Robotics. And they build smart dashboards for managers who need the right information quickly. Do you dare to take the traineeship? Do the test!  

And now? 

Do you have a few questions or would you like to visit us for a first meeting? Please contact our recruiter Anouk: +31 (0)6-11627151. 

On our website you can read everything and you can find experience stories of our trainees: