We are Zig.

Living, developing, or maintaining.
Whether you're dealing with one or more of these aspects, one thing you quickly learn is to be patient. Many stakeholders. Many rules. Many obstacles. All factors that make processes complex, even though they don't have to be.

Over twenty years ago, we started building software solutions for this reason. Solutions that make real estate organizations more efficient, simpler, and more effective.

We do this through innovation.
With software, insights, and processes developed by and for people.
For landlords and tenants.
For teams at housing associations and real estate organizations.
For chain partners and contractors. Because innovation is for people.‚Äč

We help professionals in the housing, development, and maintenance industries make an impact. Impact on sustainability, safety, organization, and society.

With more than 300 specialists, we dedicate ourselves every day to continuous innovation.
The more complex the problem, the more excited we get.

We keep evolving,
so you can move forward.
Today, and in the future.

Because innovation never stops.
Neither do we.

Built to innovate.

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