Almost 30 years ago we saw that things could be done differently in the world of interim services. Faster, smarter, more pragmatic. EIFFEL was erected, named after engineer Gustave Eiffel. An unconventional thinker, known for his solid constructions. Nowadays we are known as a solid partner in the business operations of our customers. We developed with the effort of interim professionals and our pioneering collaborations in topsport. Since then we have become smarter and more complete.

Our community consists of high-level expertise in the areas of legal, finance and business. Combined with knowledge of the most important sectors and extensive experience in integrated project management. Think in opportunities, act in solutions. We as EIFFEL can’t get enough of that. This means that we are continuously looking to strengthen our teams in the world of legal, finance and process. To experts who have a proven track record and would like to grow further in inventing, designing and delivering new solutions. But also to starters with great ambitions. Development comes first, packed in new experiences that you gain in various projects. In addition there is a personal training offer, top athletes in the role of talent coaches and an extensive range of vitality.