Owner Erwin Wulterkens created NLeyes in 2019 following an adventure of more than 25 years in a variety of roles at the central government. It was no surprise that initially clients in the public sector turned to NLeyes, a leader in the field of e-invoicing, for guidance and assistance with the implementation of purchase and sales processes through different software solutions.

In the following years NLeyes has grown into an organization that helps our clients realize their digital transformation ambitions by not only offering consultancy, but also a data governance platform named GEM. We integrate business processes by standardizing the way information is structured and exchanged which results in our client being more agile and smart.

Because we intrinsically value our clients and view them as partners, our distinctive approach sets us apart from the competition. In collaboration with our partners, we excel at what we do by putting people first and technology second. This way of working is also something you will see within our team. We love an informal work environment, where working together is enjoyable.

At NLeyes, we are involved on several levels in our client's organizational structure. As a business expert, you can take advantage of this by exploring the different fields of expertise and developing yourself in a way that suits your ambition. Do you consider yourself to be a technical consultant, functional consultant, project manager, or program manager? You can find out by experiencing it from a pleasant and safe work environment in which you will be coached. Get in touch with our team to find out what we can offer you.