For companies

In general
Synergy is the study association for students of Business Administration, Business Economics, International Business Administration and Law & Management at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Synergy has over 2.350 members and makes an effort to stimulate the personal development of their students. Synergy brings students in direct contact with companies by organizing several recruitment activities. For you it is vital to promote your company and to profile it as a potential employer. In this way, you can provide your company name with maximum exposure and make sure students will contact your company for work, both during as after their study.

Why students of Radboud University?
Business Administration in Nijmegen distinguishes itself with an emphasis on social processes in organisations. Business Administration students at the Radboud University are being educated to full academic professionals who acknowledge the fact that business processes and -structures are also social processes and structures. By using findings from multiple scientific disciplines, students are taught to have an ample scope. The actual problems of companies and organisations are the foundation of research and education.

Cooperation with Synergy
Synergy is very experienced in facilitating activities to bring students and organisations in contact with each other. To get in touch with motivated bachelor- and masterstudents of our study, Synergy organizes various recruitment activities every year. The Nijmegen Career Event, The Business & IT Event, Recruitment Dinners and Inhousedays are part of this. Besides the recruitment activities, Synergy offers a lot of possibilities to promote your company to our students. A more broader view of our activities and more information about our Study Association can be found in our general brochure. For questions or additional information, please contact the Commissioner External Affairs, Veerle Barten.