Who is Blisss?

Founded in 2007 as a startup from Radboud University, Blisss has evolved over the years into a modern software company with a deeply rooted business-oriented DNA. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we support our clients - wholesalers, manufacturing companies, and business service providers - in implementing ERP software Business Central. Additionally, we provide support in Power BI and Power Apps and offer training services.

At Blisss, we understand that process changes can feel like navigating a path in the dark. Think of us as the flashlight guiding the way. Our approach is straightforward and 100% transparent, making collaboration with us intensive yet refreshing. We closely monitor the latest innovations and challenge you to think in new possibilities. Whether a company is stuck in old systems or has unrealistic expectations about the future, we find the right solutions. Peace and Progress in your career.

In our work, we strive for a balance between Peace (control) and Progress (innovation). The implementation and maintenance of Microsoft ERP software require diligence - after all, it concerns the heart of your business operations. At the same time, progressiveness is essential for a company to grow and remain innovative.

These principles also apply to our employees, the Blisssers. Working in IT can be hectic, especially around go-live events and keeping up with rapid IT developments. As an employer, we aim to provide peace at the right times and create opportunities for progress.

Finding joy in your work and challenges in your tasks is essential for us. We actively support you in pursuing your ambitions and help you achieve your goals. A good balance between work and personal life is crucial for us.

Become a Blissser

We are constantly looking for new Blisssers, whether it's for an internship, a part-time position alongside your studies, or a entry-level position. We enjoy collaborating with students and are conveniently located near HAN/University and close to the city. Check our vacancies on the website; open applications are always welcome.