About Synergy

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Study Association Synergy

Synergy is the study association for Business Administration, Business Economics, International Business Administration and Law & Management students at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Synergy was founded in 1990. Over the years, Synergy has developed into a professional and stable study association. Many boards and active members have worked hard to improve Synergy each year. Today, with approximately 2.300 members, Synergy is one of the largest study associations in Nijmegen.

The association is led by an annually changing board consisting of four to six students.  They are responsible for determining the strategic course of the association and performing the operational work. Synergy has approximately 150 active members. These active members work together in committees to organize a lot of formal and informal activities.

Synergy aims to achieve the three following objectives:

  • Close the gap between theory and work in practice
    Synergy organizes career events and other recruitment activities, which will provide students an excellent opportunity to get in contact with business professionals.
  • Promote the interests of all Business Administration, Business Economic and International Business Administration students
    Synergy has close contact with the Radboud University and the Nijmegen School of Management and is therefore able to properly manage the interests of all Business Administration-, Business Economic- and International Business Administration students.
  • Facilitate contact between students
    Through the organization of many informal activities, such as monthly drinks, parties, international trips and sports activities, Synergy ensures that students get in touch with their fellow students to enrich their student life.