Work council (I): the Programme Committee

October 20th, 2017

Sebastiaen Gonzalez Fernandez

As a student, there are various possibilities to have some influence in our university's policies. But where can you do that, what can you say and how does the whole system work? Perhaps you have heard of PC, FSC, USC, etc., but as a student you probably wonder what those things are all about. In the upcoming weeks, I will discuss some of these terms. I’ll try to clarify the system of the participation bodies. In this article, we will start with the PC.

The abbreviation 'PC' stands for ‘Programme Committee' or ‘Opleidingscommissie in Dutch. Each study at the RU has its own PC, but since we are students of the Business Studies section, the PC of Business Administration will be discussed here. This committee consists out of a number of students and teachers. The students have to stand for election and the five students who have the most votes will be in the PC. Every 6 weeks they come together and have a meeting.

But what exactly does the PC do? The PC advises the section of Business Administration and the Faculty Board on subjects related to education. They aim to ensure the quality of education. They do this, for example, through the course evaluations. Now you may think: "Course evaluations? Wait, you’re talking about those forms you get with your exams and nobody ever looks at?" Yes, those forms, but the PC evaluates these forms. They even are discussed extensively and the conclusions will be given as feedback to the relevant teachers. Take a look at the Blackboard page of a course that you followed last year, and you’ll find the outcomes of these evaluations.

Besides the course evaluations, the PC may also give advice about the EER, the Education and Examination Regulations. In short, the rights you have as a student about the study. It includes the form of program, admission requirements, regulation about retakes, etc. Other topics include, for example, the study material, the difficulty of examinations, how well teachers function, etc. It is highly advisable to take a look at the EER once, so you know which rights you have as a student.

If you are running into any problems regarding education or have some ideas for improving the education, then it’s wise to address one of the student members so that they can bring in your feedback. It’s also possible to go to Synergy because the Commissioner Internal Affairs always takes part in the PC as a shadow member.


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