Synergy-week: A week never to forget

June 4th, 2019

Georginio Bruinhard

Once a year the famous Synergy Week takes place, a week in which everyone can blow off some steam with several fun activities, which all build up to the grand finale: the Synergy Gala.

What better way to start the week by having a dinner with fellow study members? Café Van Buuren proved to be a great location where everyone could lay a foundation for the drink that was about to come. This Synergy Drink however was a special one, as tonight the candidate board for the upcoming year was announced. Dressed in Radboud sweaters and animal masks each new board member made his or her way to 3G’s main stage. Once everyone was congratulated it was time for escalation. With a handful of people we made way to Nijmegen’s various pubs to say cheers on the week that was about to come.

Tuesday started off with a formal activity, namely TEDTalks. TEDtalks cover an array of subjects and are interesting videos to watch, to get inspired. For today the themes were of course business related. Three subsequent TEDtalks covered agile management, inspirational leadership and entrepreneurship at the end. After that there was already the next activity to look forward to, which was Whiskey-tasting! This was, next to gala, one of the first activities to become fully booked long before it even started. For all who love this on-the-rocks drink it was a great evening at The Black Fox in which you could learn more about the background of whiskey rather than trying to instantly down it.

Wednesday was perhaps the busiest day in terms of activities. First off we started with a workshop related to business incubators. EOS was the place to be for everyone who had the ambition to start his or her own business in the (near) future. This informative workshop was almost immediately followed by Bubble Football, the first sports activity of the week. Accompanied by great weather we all made way to the Sports Center’s football field, to try on the bubbles with which we would be bumping into each other shortly after. Sweat and tears dropped, as everyone put their heart into every game to go away with eternal glory. However, only one team could become the best, and this honour was for ‘Team illi’ to take. In the evening some brave enthusiasts made way to Café Pool to join the pool tournament the committee planned for members.

Then the final day, the day everyone had been looking forward to. A week before the gala a great deal of people went to the tailor to either buy a new suit or fix their old one. Before the gala started there was one more activity planned: a graffitti workshop at Park Brakkenstein. Under guidance of a graffitti artist everyone could let their creativity rise and draw the craziest pieces of art.
Then the grand finale: the Synergy Gala. The gala is the perfect activity to meet new people, as more than 150 people are present every year. This year was no different, as beers, wines and jenever drinks were drunk in abundance. Although I was not present at the gala, the result of unlimited drinks was clear when I joined a bit later in the city center. You could read the happiness on everyone’s face, the gala was a success. And that concluded a week full of fun, the Synergy Week.