Meet our new Chairman: Jean-Pierre Dullens

August 19th, 2019

Jean-Pierre Dullens

Hello everyone, I am Jean-pierre Dullens and I will be the chairman of study association Synergy this year. In this article I will introduce myself.

I am originally from Brabant and came to Nijmegen to study Business Administration here. I didn’t want to go to Tilburg, because I don’t like the financial aspect that much, but I am more orientated on the social aspect. This is exactly what I found in Nijmegen. When I started in my own orientation week, I wanted to live in Nijmegen right away, so I found a house with nine other students where I still live. Now I live in Nijmegen for almost three years, I think of it like my hometown. I am part of a soccer team called Paralympiacos, where we compete in the internal student competition. I also like to drink specialty beers and travel around the globe to explore new places.

I joined Synergy right away and started as an active Synergy member in my second year. I did the Synergy Drink Committee, Kick-Off Committee and the Weekend Committee before I decided I wanted to become a board member. I wanted to become a board member, because I was looking for a new challenge and I already liked Synergy very much. The three committees were a good step towards becoming a board member. As chairman I am responsible for the study association in its whole and I must make decisions in the best interests of our members and partners.

I am looking forward to an amazing year as chairman of Synergy and I hope to see you all at the office or at our activities!