Active member of the month: Rebecca Veltman

April 23rd, 2019

Chiel Tijdink

On the 15th of April the Active Member of the Month April was announced at the monthly Synergy drink. The Active Member of the Month April is Rebecca Veltman. Together with her dedicated committee she organized a successful Business Trip to Prague! I spoke with Rebecca two days after the drink about her nomination as Active Member of the Month.

Congratulations with your nomination as Active Member of the Month April, did you expect your nomination?

I expected it a little, but there are a lot of nice activities in April and May so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else became the Active Member of the Month. I am happy with my nomination as Active Member of the Month, because it is a sort of recognition that you get for your effort. I see my nomination as a reward for the effort of the whole committee and not as a reward only for me. I think we did a great job as a committee and we are happy with the things that we achieved together!

You are a familiar face at Synergy, but can you tell something about yourself for the people that don’t know you very well?

Well, I am Rebecca and I am 19 years old (nearly 20). I am in my second year of International Business Administration. In my spare time I like the typical student things like going out for a party, but I also appreciate a lazy night watching Netflix. Beside my active membership at Synergy I am member of Ovum Novum. Every Wednesday I have dinner with my friends of Ovum. I spend the remaining time with sporting, baby sitting or at my parents in Amersfoort.

You became Active Member of the Month for your effort as chairman of the Business Trip Committee, how did you experience the trip?

I liked the trip a lot, but it was exhausting too. Every day you wake up early, then you visit some companies and in the evening you are going to a club to party. Sleep is not included in the Business Trip, but I think that is also the charming part of the trip. I enjoyed the group; we had a lot of fun together. For me, the highlight of the trip was the last day. The last day we visited Accenture and they provided us a three-hour long program. After Accenture we went to a monastery for a tour and dinner. It was a laid-back day and everything went smooth. For me it was the perfect end of the trip.

How did you experience the role as chairman of the Business Trip Committee?

It was very nice to be the chairman of the Business Trip Committee. I learned a lot as chairman, but the thing I learned the most is to deal with big time pressure. In a short time you need to organize a trip for a group of 45 people and that is a big and nice challenge. As committee we worked very good together. In the beginning the people with the same functions were closer but later we became very close as whole committee. Moreover, I learned to anticipate quick on unexpected things. During a trip not everything will go like you planned and you need to deal with it. Luckily, I wasn’t alone in these situations and with my committee I was able to deal with unexpected things.

Now the Business Trip is over, what are your plans for the coming year?

Actually, the Business Trip is not over yet, Wednesday we need to work at the Albert Heijn because they sponsored our breakfasts during the trip. And of course, we will stay in contact with each other. Beside the Business Trip Committee, I am also part of the Photo Committee and the Memberdeal Committee. I will work for these committees till the end of the academic year, because I am going to study in Australia the first semester of next academic year. I am very excited to study in Australia, but first I want to focus on the last months of this year. And of course, I will attend several Synergy activities the coming months!