Active member activity: stay active, stay sharp

May 23rd, 2019

Georginio Bruinhard

Last Wednesday it was time for the second Active Member Activity of the academic year. The Active Member Activity (AMA) is an event organised as a thank you to all the committee members of Synergy’s 23 committees. It always promises to be an awesome evening, this night being no different.

We all gathered at the Rabobank at 17:45. After a bit of waiting we made way to restaurant Pinoccio, which was already a different start from last AMAs, where we used to have dinner at Mr. Jack’s. A fresh start brought us to a beautiful dining room, where pizzas, pastas, beers, wines and even some cocktails crossed the table. A good opportunity to catch up with people from other committees to see how they’re doing. Also, an AMA is always a good evening to bond with your own committee of course.

As soon as everyone finished dinner, we left for 3 Gezusters. The activity that was waiting for us there was kept secret really well beforehand, but a great deal of people expected a cantus. Even though we were going to do drinking games instead, the board made sure that the aforementioned people got ‘rewarded’ with an ‘Adtje Kangoeroe’ and ‘Adtje 69’. The drinking games we were playing were a Beer Estafette (with a twist), Roll The Dice, Stresspong, Beer Pong, and the Body Game.

The Body Game was probably the funniest of them all; basically you had to place certain body parts in a square on the ground, with your team, after someone else tells you which parts should be on the ground (for example one back, two knees and five fingers). All together games like these formed a great ice breaker, to make sure everyone was ready for the Open BA-party that was coming up.

Before we went to the party, there was one thing left to do at the drinking games: announcing the winning lottery tickets! See, every time you won a drinking game, you got a few lottery tickets. It was the same concept as with the weekly TKB beer bingo, and it caused everyone to play with fierce competitiveness. After the prizes were received, we could go to El Sombrero. At El Sombrero the room quickly filled with people longing for more beers and mixers. As soon as the music turned up hell broke loose, in a positive way.

Unfortunately I don’t remember what happened next. All I know is that there were a lot of neon bracelets and sunglasses, and that I was probably not the only one suffering from memory loss. To conclude, the AMA is an activity you do not want to miss as an active member of Synergy. It’s always a nice token of appreciation, one you will probably still feel the next day. I think it’s safe to say that everyone is already looking forward to the next edition!