June 11th, 2018

Jurian van der Waal

Last Thursday it was time: the Synergy football tournament finally took place. After checking, we learned that the vast majority of the teams had been preparing the past months for the best performance in the third half. However, before the third half started, it was time for serious business.

Twelve teams had registered and were divided into a performance and recreation group. In the recreation group in particular, there was little difference between the first, second and third half. The focus was more on the number of beers than on the number of goals, both on and off the pitch. After 15 group matches, "de ridders van de ronde pitchers" were the lucky ones: They managed to keep the promillable content and the number of points so balanced that they found themselves in the first place. They were followed closely by the team "sneller dan je planga, beter dan je bitch", which claimed second place.

In the performance group, the alcohol was mainly avoided during the group matches. Six teams competed for that one coveted place in the final. Both old acquaintances and new stars stood up, which created an epic battle scene. The tribune at the main field was packed and the spectators were not disappointed. After fifteen high-level matches, only one winner could come out of this group. "Fc Hengen" ended on the number one spot and went on to the grand final. "FC Expected Toulouse" followed shortly behind this, and could compete for place three. The other teams ensured that they quickly joined the spectacle of the third half where they tried to catch up with the others.

The final was played on field one. Under great cheering, an exciting game unfolded between de ridders van de ronde pitchers, and Fc Hengen. The knights lasted for a long time, but eventually had to bow their heads to the winners of the performance pool. The coveted title "Synergy Soccer Tournament Champion 2018" went to Fc Hengen after a day of sun, sports and beer! The match between the third and fourth place eventually fell in the direction of Fc Expected Toulouse.

To finish the day with great success, the beer flowed considerably and the barbecue was ignited. While enjoying a drink, the participants enjoyed a well-deserved meal, after which the party was closed by some real diehards in the Bascafé.

Synergy Office closed

We sadly have to inform you that due to the current measures regarding COVID-19, the Synergy Office is closed until further notice. There are still online activities and services available!