Business Trip Prague Experience

February 21st, 2024


Business Trip: Prague

The business trip is a journey in which you get the opportunity to visit various organizations, explore a new city and get to know the local culture! This year’s business trip went to Prague, Czech Republic! I had the opportunity to come along on this trip, so I will be telling you more about what we did on the business trip, and how I experienced the journey in general!

The trip started at Nijmegen Central Station at 23.00 on Tuesday 14 November. Here, the bus departed at 00.00, which meant that our journey to Prague started! We arrived in Prague at around 10.30 on Wednesday. The first organization we visited was the airport of Prague. At the airport, we received a guided tour through the whole airport. We got the opportunity to learn more about the different airplanes that are used, the capacity of the airport and at the end we had the chance to look at the landings and departures of different airplanes. After the tour at the airport, we had to check-in at the hostel, and we could settle for a little bit in our rooms. Then, we had some time to discover the beautiful city center of Prague! At 20.00, we had to gather at Black Bettie’s Grill to eat delicious hamburgers. After everyone had dinner, we had the opportunity to go out.

On Thursday, we had breakfast at the hostel, before taking public transport to Chocotopia: a chocolate factory and museum. At this museum, we got to know more about the origin of chocolate and all the different sorts of chocolate. We even had the chance to taste various types of chocolate. After the tour ended at 12.00, we had a little bit of free time to discover the city center again and have lunch. After the free time, we visited the Czech National Bank. At this guided tour, we learned more about the history of the Czech koruna, learned how a bank operates and play various games regarding the economy. This was very interesting. After the guided tour at the Czech National Bank, we had a few hours to fresh up and get ready for dinner at an Israeli toned restaurant called Paprika. After we had dinner here, it was time to go clubbing for the last time in Prague for the people who felt like it.

Friday arrived, which meant that the business trip was almost coming to an end. On our last day, we started with breakfast before leaving to the National Museum. On this day, there was a national holiday, called “Fight for Freedom and Democracy”, which was also visible during our visit at the museum! After we explored the museum, it was time to pack our things and prepare us for the bus ride back to Nijmegen. At around 00.00, we arrived in Nijmegen, which meant that the business trip had ended. In these few days, we have learned much about the Czech culture, the Czech economy, chocolate, and we had the chance to explore this beautiful city! This was all possible thanks to the business trip committee! They did a fantastic job in organizing the different organization visits, arranging the different dinners, and contributing to an enthusiastic and cozy ambiance. For me, it was an honor to come along on this wonderful journey, and I am very excited to attend the next business trip!


Lex Timmers