Subscriptions for Active Membership

September 22nd, 2023

Are you interested in joining one of our committees? Subscribe for this event and let us know in which committee you want to participate!

Active Membership at Study Association Synergy means that you participate in one of our committees. All committees have the purpose of organizing or supporting activities for members of Synergy. The nature of the activities differs from informal activities to major career events. You can participate in an informal committee or a formal committee.

Available committees: 

  • Formal Master Committee
  • Informal Committee
  • Informal Master Committee
  • Member Deal Committee
  • NCE Committee
  • Party Committee
  • Personal Orientation Committee
  • Photo Committee
  • PR Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Synergy Weekend Committee

Are you interested in being a chairman of the committee? Check that box and let us know for which committee you want to be a chairman, and send a short motivation letter (maximum of 250 words) to before the 22th of September, 17:00 hours!