Alumni Activity: the Modern Workplace

October 6th, 2022 | 19.45h | 21.00h

Theatre Hall C, Elinor Ostrom Building

Do you want to stay up to date on the latest developments in the modern workplace? Than join our alumni event ‘The Modern Workplace’ at 6 October on campus or online. In three short keynotes of scientist Matthijs Moorkamp and Rawan Ghazzawi, and graduate Richard Vermeeren will inspire you with state of the art knowledge!

Matthijs will explain the macro-concept: 'the modern workplace' and its impact on organisational design. How do new ways of organizing originate from high pressure innovation in crisis contexts? And if new ways of organising arise, what does this mean for how we shape our work and workplace? 

In this modern workplace, the employee and his/her/their wellbeing are increasingly put at the center of it. Rawan Ghazzawi dives deeper into what you can do to achieve a better match between your job and your needs and preferences through the concept of job crafting.
Then we zoom out, because according to Richard Vermeeren the modern workplace is not something like sitting whole days behind a desk at your office bringing up brilliant ideas to improve your business. He highlights how to improve an organization by an outside-in approach.
This event is hybrid, so you can join on campus or online. Master students can also join this event! There will be a drink afterwards to network and discuss the topic further.

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