Workshop talent liberation

May 30th, 2022 | 12.15h - 13.30h

EOS N 01.560

Just imagine: a world without burnouts, in which we all develop ourselves and all thrive. A world in which grandiose ambitions are given all the space they need. And fun and results go hand in hand. 

This is the world of Bewegin's mission: Liberate Talent. Freeing talent is the way to achieve ever better results with great pleasure. You will discover how it all works during the lunch lecture of Bewegin. 

Bewegin is a development organization pur sang that enables ambitious starters and organizations in the public sector to reinforce each other. 

In the Bewegin traineeship, you, as a starter, will work on challenging change assignments. And thanks to their intensive guidance and extensive training program you will develop yourself very quickly.

During the lunch lecture Talent Liberation, Bewegin introduces you to their special view on developing your talents. And get to know their innovative traineeship. 

Together we will look for steps you can already take in liberating your own talent. So definitely come and get a free lunch!