Bluefield Business Case

May 23rd, 2022 | 12.15h - 13.30h

EOS N 01.750

This workshop hosted by Bluefield will give you firsthand insight into a real business case and on how to approach it. It will also give you valuable insights on the world of business consultancy, finance, change management & even business IT. Throughout the workshop you will tackle a business case that was based off a question Bluefield received from one of your clients:

They had bought four companies in four different countries with services in the same line of work, but all with a different way of working (process), different IT tools (systems) and a different culture. The goal of this private equity company was to merge these 4 companies, to create a globally operating company. The question Bluefield received was to investigate the state of these companies on the above points (processes, systems, and culture) and to formulate a project plan to realize the merger. How to align the companies? That is what you will be working on!

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