Belastingdienst Webinar

March 23rd, 2021 | 16.00h

*Unfortunately, this webinar will be held in Duthc*

Working on a financial healthy Netherlands
The webinar for tax specialists and accountants 

Our society is changing rapidly and continuously and that also applies to the ‘Belastingdienst’. And that can mean a lot for (future) tax specialists and accountants. What…? Why…? How…? Cryptic Questions? No, it is not!

These are questions to which you can read the answers in the following stories and statements by tax specialists and accountants who already work at the ‘Belastingdienst’.

And questions that will be addressed during the online and interactive webinar on March 23, where Bas van den Dungen, secretary-general of the ‘Belastingdienst’ will talk to Leo Stevens, emeritus professor of tax economics, Tiny Beks, director corporate department of professional technology ‘Belastingdienst’ and Dike Sialino, former chartered accountant at the ‘Belastindienst’ and now director at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. You too can participate: this is your chance! Register here now.

Synergy Office closed

We sadly have to inform you that due to the current measures regarding COVID-19, the Synergy Office is closed until further notice. There are still online activities and services available!