Investment Training & Beer Stock Market Game

February 23rd, 2021 | 19.00h | 22.00h


Make even more money from money?! Everyone wants that, right? This evening Harm van Wijk will tell you all kinds of tips and tracks when it comes to investing. Harm van Wijk is drs in Economics, founder of, has 32 years of experience as an investment advisor at various banks, has written a book and has been a guest in various TV programs. You will also receive his book as a gift with this activity!

After the lecture, it is time to put your knowledge into practice. As you know, price is always the result of supply and demand. The price you pay for your beer kit for this activity is also determined in this way! With a package full of specialty beer, we are heading for an evening of games that are all devoted to our favorite things: beer and money!

How does it work?
1. When registering, you choose four specialty beers for your package. You can choose from ten different beers:

  • Grolsch herfstbok
  • Chimay trappist
  • Vedett IPA
  • Kasteel rouge
  • Affligem blond
  • Desperados
  • Duvel
  • Pauwel kwak
  • Hertog Jan Grand Prestige
  • Texels Skuumkoppe

2. If you choose beer that others choose little, you will pay little for it. If your beer is popular, the price will increase due to the high demand.
3. The prices will not deviate extremely from the prices of these beers in the supermarket.
4. When the registrations close, you will receive an email with the final price of your package and a ‘Tikkie’ to pay.
5. After payment you can pick up your package!

Synergy Office closed

We sadly have to inform you that due to the current measures regarding COVID-19, the Synergy Office is closed until further notice. There are still online activities and services available!