Shayra van der Mooren

Hi everyone! My name is Shayra van der Mooren and I will be the Commissioner Academic Affairs of Study Association Synergy. This means that I will be the contact person to the university and will look after the interests of the students. So, if you have anything that you want to know or something that can be better, please let me know!

I am 19 years old and a have finished 2 years of my bachelor in Business Administration with a specialisation in Business Economics. I originally come from a small village Veen in Brabant, but already living in Nijmegen for 1,5 years now. In my spare time I like to play football, drink a beer with friends and watch Formula 1.

I am really looking forward to organising fun activities for you and getting to know you. So, be sure to drop by the Synergy office and drink a cup of coffee or tea and of course a nice chat!

Kind Regards,
Shayra van der Mooren