Are you a new board member of Synergy?

Synergy is managed by a board that changes annually. The board usually consists of four to six persons. The board is responsible for the strategic course of the association and the contact with the university, businesses and members.  

A board year at Synergy is extremely dynamic and full of cooperation, fun and self-development. Although there is a lot of continuity between the Synergy boards, no board year is the same. The number of board members, the tasks they perform and the activities they organize differ year by year. Each board sets its own goals and in this way you can decide how you want to fill in your board year.

Twice a year, the board organizes a board information session. During this session all the details of a board year will be discussed. If you want more information, contact one of the board members.

You can apply for a board year until the 1st of April by sending your curriculum vitae and motivation letter to

Old board members share their experiences: 

 Justin Jansen:
 Secretary 2021-2022

"A valuable year in which you develop yourself & enrich your student life"

''How great that you are interested in a board year at Synergy! Such a year would be the most fun, busy, valuable but above all the most educational year of your studies. The Synergy year was the ideal solution for me to take a gap year in which I could enjoy student life as much as possible, but also learn a lot at the same time. Drinks, parties and other activities are plentiful, while every day you and 4 or 5 other board members (who, by the way, are guaranteed to remain friends for life) manage the beautiful association of no less than 2,300 members and constantly try to improve it. 

A board year challenges you to develop yourself in different areas, as an individual but also as a team. You present your policy at the General Members' Meetings, maintain collaborations with other associations and the university, and you are ultimately responsible for one of the largest associations in Nijmegen, both in members and in assets. Personally, the board year taught me to speak in front of large groups, make (strategic) choices, represent the interests of others and be the business card for all stakeholders the association knows. 

I would recommend a board year at Synergy to anyone. You meet a lot of new people, it contributes to your personal and professional development, and it is a year to remember. Besides, you only study once, and I believe it would be a shame not to enrich that with fulfilling a board position. In addition, I would consider it an honor and a true pleasure to congratulate each and every one of you at a possible future constitution drink!''

 Charissa van Mourik
Chairman and Commissioner Internal Affairs 2011-2012
 Study Advisor - Nijmegen School of Management

"An experience I can recommend to all students!"
In the academic year of 2011-2012 I was the Chairman and Commissioner Internal Affairs of Study Association Synergy. After being an active member in several committees it was time for the real deal; a fulltime board membership. I enjoyed working with different members who joined the   association and several committees with different goals. This helps you to work with different kind of people to achieve a common goal. Furthermore I liked representing the association within the department of Business Administration, and towards companies and (study) associations. A board year helps you to develop personally and prepare yourself for the labor market. It is definitely an experience I can recommend to all students!

More information? Ask for the Board Information Brochure by sending an email to!