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Synergy offers various summaries for the bachelor and (pre)-master courses. The prices of these summaries do vary from € 0,50 to € 2,50. You can buy these summaries in the Synergy office. (Heyendaalseweg 141.00.180). Payment is possible by cash or card.

In the beginning of this academic year, Synergy and Dominus Cursus started a collaboration in the field of summaries. Unfortunately, Synergy and Dominus Cursus concluded after half a year that the collaboration did not achieve what both parties were aiming for. Therefore, we have decided through good dialogue that Synergy will once again start offering her own summaries from the third block on. The collaboration in exam training will be continued.

Some of the summaries for the resits of block 2 will still be provided by Dominus Cursus.

We offer the following summaries for the third block:

Year 1

  • International Business Ethics 
  • Organisatietheorie
  • Onderzoeks- en interventiemethodologie B

Year 2

  • Strategy
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Business Analysis for Responsible Organisation
  • Project Financial Instruments
  • Strategie
  • Kwantitatieve Onderzoeksmethodologie

Year 3

  • Intervention Methodology


We offer the following summaries for the resits the second block:

Year 1

  • Inleiding in de bedrijfskunde 2
  • Economie van de Managmentwetenschappen
  • Organisation Theory
  • Statistics

Year 2

  • Operations Management & Logistics
  • Organisational Culture & Communication
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Year 3

  • Organisatieontwerp
  • Knowledge in Organisations
  • Introduction to Organisation Design


  • Advanced Research Methods Part B
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship & Finance
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Context
  • International Brand Management
  • Intervention in Organisations

​We are always looking for people to write summaries for the other courses! Are you working on a summary for one of your courses?  Please, let us know so you can help your fellow students and earn a little extra money. You can mail to 

We are especially looking for summaries of the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Economics and Business Economics
  • Intervention Methodology, a summary for the handbook and articles


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