2 oktober 2019

Tsveta Milanova

As most of you might have heard, Brian Leacock gave a guest lecture at the management faculty about emotional intelligence. The guest lecture brought a rather large student audience as it had students not only from the NSM but also from neuroscience, psychology, and a few recent graduates.

The so-called lecture took the format of a workshop in which a few important implications were discussed, such as:

  • Emotions are contagious. This was demonstrated to us by watching a Coca Cola commercial in Belgium. As the main character started laughing in the bus, all the other passengers followed. What was even more interesting was that the entire room chortled or at least smiled as we were watching the commercial.
  • It was discussed that certain tasks are best performed at a specific level on the mood meter (pleasantness vs energy levels).  For example, studying new information is best done when we feel well and have low energy.  If you need to study but you do not find yourself in the optimal zone for the task, you need to prime yourself to ‘get in the zone’. This priming is done by observing yourself what tasks, behaviors, and the environment around you helps you get there and then you replicate it. 
  • Verbal, paraverbal, and body language varies across culture. So, keep in mind, sometimes you will miscommunicate with your friends due to your different backgrounds.

If you were at the workshop, you would have been challenged to really get to ‘know thyself’.