The Nijmegen Career Event, all you need to know.

November 10th, 2017

Jurian van der Waal

The last couple of weeks you may have noticed that several events occurred at the Thomas van Aquino Straat, as several free snacks were distributed. A number of people in blue jerseys were busy promoting the biggest career event in the region of Nijmegen: the Nijmegen Career Event.

The Nijmegen Career Event, in short NCE, is a formal two day event for business administration- and economics students that takes place on 21 and 22 November. During this event 25 companies, both national and international, will give presentations and workshops. The website shows us what the purpose of the event is.

“The goal of the NCE is to create an opportunity for students to experience a relevant orientation regarding their career perspectives and to facilitate an opportunity for companies to get into contact with students. By organizing presentations, workshops and offering individual conversations these goals can be reached. It offers students the opportunity to get an impression of the companies, and vice versa."

The Nijmegen Career Event is the perfect place to take care of your future. In recent years, several students have found a job during this event. There are a lot of opportunities for conversation with recruiters and who knows what can happen. The NCE magazine contains some great examples of former students who met their current employer during the event.

Students often have the impression that the Nijmegen Career Event is only relevant for people who are planning to graduate this year. Although it is true that the focus mainly is based on students who are in the last phase of their study, this event is also very useful for bachelor students who want to orientate themselves carefully and expand their network. This years theme, 'the power of networking', closely matches this. There are also countless examples of people who got in contact with recruiters early in their study and stayed in touch to get their internship or dream job. In addition to expanding your network, the event may also be an excellent opportunity to see which companies are appealing to you and which are not.

We would like to urge everyone to sign up for this wonderful, educational and above all very useful event. More information can be found in the magazine that has fallen on the doormat of all students who are in their second bachelor's year or further in their studies. More information about the event is available on the website as well. The subscriptions will close on the 12th of November, so get ready and start working on your future!

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