The BIT-Event 2019 as participant

May 6th, 2019

Chiel Tijdink

On Wednesday the 24th of April the yearly BIT-Event took place at the Elinor Ostrom Building. The BIT-Event is a collaboration between Synergy and Thalia and like every year the event was a big success!

At 9:30 the first people arrived at Café C, and they were welcomed with a goodie bag and a cup of coffee or tea. At 10:00 everyone gathered in the theatre hall for the keynote speaker dr. Stijn HoppenbrouwersDr. Stijn Hoppenbouwers works for the HAN and Radboud University; during his work he finds himself in the middle of the worlds of Business and IT daily. So, he was the perfect person to introduce us to the world of business and IT. In his lecture dr. Hoppenbrouwers took us along a conceptual journey from the Big Picture to the Devil that’s in the Detail, dropping by at places like Magic, Meaning of Meaning, Climate Change and Data Governance.  

After this interesting and inspirational lecture everybody went to the first workshop of the day. In the first workshop round Info Support, ITraineeNedap and CCV provided workshops for the enthusiastic students. I went to the workshop of ITrainee: in this 90-minute-long workshop we got an interesting introduction to SAP (a software system for business automatization). Moreover, ITrainee brought a trainee of them to the BIT-Event, who gave us an insight in his work as trainee and we got the opportunity to ask him everything about his traineeship. A fun fact, the trainee studied Business Administration at the Radboud University and was even an active member of Synergy! The students in the workshop were very enthusiastic and asked many questions about SAP, a traineeship at ITrainee and the experiences as trainee. In short, an interactive and educational workshop! 

When the first workshop round ended the students and companies were pampered with a luxury lunch at Café C. During the lunch everyone got the opportunity to take some rest, to talk with other people about their workshop or to ask some more questions about the workshop. But there was more during the lunch, Alliander brought a VR-experience to the event and several students had the guts to try the VR-experience (which was hilarious for the spectators). 

When all the tummies were filled again, it was time for the second workshop round. In this workshop round the students got the opportunity to go to the workshops of AFAS, DAF Trucks, Ilionx and Supply Value. I went to the workshop of Supply Value about key process indicators. In this educational and interesting workshop, we learned a lot about how companies work with key process indicators and in the end of the workshop we got the opportunity to work with key process indicators ourselves.  

After this educational workshop it was time to close the day with a network drink at the EOS Student Lounge. During this cosy drink, the students got the opportunity to talk about the day with each other and the companies and to build up their network. I will not tell much more about the drink except that it remained cosy for a while!