Meet our new treasurer: Mark Lekkerkerker

August 17th, 2018

Mark Lekkerkerker

The candidate board would like to introduce itself one by one during this orientation week. Today it`s time to get to know our new treasurer: Mark Lekkerkerker. 

I am Mark Lekkerkerker, 20 years old and the new treasurer of Synergy this year. After being born and raised in Amerongen, a small town in the province of Utrecht, I moved to Nijmegen to study the Dutch track of Business Administration. In my free time I enjoy travelling and hanging out with friends, drinking specialty beers and pretending we are beer experts.  

During my first year at Radboud I became an active member of Synergy, starting as the treasurer of the Introduction Committee. After this committee I had become a fan of Synergy and joined the Business Trip- and later the Synergy Week committee, being the treasurer of both committees. During this time I met a lot of great people at Synergy and had some awesome experiences, so I decided to apply for a board year as treasurer, as I had some experience and had really enjoyed being treasurer of the different committees. 

As a treasurer I am focused on the financial flows of Synergy, making sure the money is spent well and efficiently. I keep track of the budget of the organisation as a whole and of the different committees and will help the treasurers of committees make sure the money is well-spent.  
If you are in for a chat or looking for some coffee or tea, come find us in the Synergy room! 

Kind regards, 

Mark Lekkerkerker