Meet our new Secretary & Marketing Officer: Chiara Raco

August 20th, 2019

Chiara Raco

Hello everyone! My name is Chiara Raco and this year I’ll be the Secretary & Marketing Officer of Synergy. I’m 21 years old and a third year bachelor student Business Administration.

I was raised in Zevenaar, a small city nearby Arnhem, but I moved to Nijmegen 2 years ago. I played hockey for 8 years, but I stopped when my exams started (So yeah, I need to find a new sport). Besides that, I like to shop and hang out with friends. Also, you can find me a lot with a drink in my hand at the bar.

I joined Synergy in my first year by participating in the Synergy Drink Committee. My mentor from the orientation week convinced me to apply for a committee, because it was a great way to make new friends. I liked being a committee member a lot, so I chose to do more committees. I did the Atlas Committee, where we organized a trip to Moscow. After that, I participated in the Orientation Week Committee, where we were responsible for organizing the activities in the orientation week. The next year, I joined the Personal Development Committee & the PR Committee. With the Personal Development Committee we organized activities that were focussed on developing yourself and with the PR Committee we created all kind of promotion materials for Synergy. 

I’m glad that I joined Synergy, because I learned a lot and made many new friends! This year I will be a part of the 30th board as the Secretary & Marketing Officer, so I will be responsible for all the public promotion, the mail, the administration, the website and the brand of Synergy. I keep myself busy with things like the newsletter, social media accounts and recruiting active members.

I’m looking forward to this year full of amazing activities with all of you! I wish you a great year and goodluck with your study.