Meet our new secretary: Marieke Bussmann

August 17th, 2018

Marieke Bussmann

The candidate board would like to introduce itself one by one during this orientation week. Today it`s time to get to know our new secretary: Marieke Bussmann. 

Hi everyone! My name is Marieke Bussmann and I’m 20 years old. I’m originally from Breda and this makes me the only board member living in a normal city and without thousands of cows in my backyard. Because Breda is quite similar to Nijmegen, it wasn't very difficult for me to move to Nijmegen two years ago. Before the summer I finished my second year of my bachelor Business Administration. Next year I will take a break from my study because I will take place in the 29th board of Study Association Synergy.  I played hockey for eight years and rowed for two years but because of lack of talent I quit both. I now go to the fitnesscenter to stay fit. In my spare time I love to be with my friends and go out, chat on a terrace and, of course, join the Synergy activities.    

From the beginning of my bachelor I have been an active member of Study Association Synergy by joining the Synergy Drink committee, which organises a monthly drink and the Synergy Week committee, which organises a week full of formal and informal activities. I always felt like I wanted to do something more with the association, so I applied for a place on the board. And look where I am now.  

I will be the secretary of the 29th board. Most of the time I will be busy with the administration, the website and the mail. Gladly I also have time to socialize with all our members.  

I hope to meet you all during the introduction and after the introduction at our activities or at the Synergy room.   


Marieke Bussmann