Meet our new Marketing Officer: Sabien Beerens

August 20th, 2017

Sabien Beerens

The candidate board introduces itself one by one: meet our new Marketing Officer today, Sabien Beerens!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sabien Beerens and next year I will be the Marketing Officer in the board of Synergy. The function of Marketing Officer is new to the study association. My job will be to promote Synergy in every possible way. I will be responsible for the monthly newsletter, updating the website and our social media channels. An other part of the function is to recruit active members and new board members. Also I will be available for the PR-coordinators of every committee to help and inspire them.

Originally I come from Eersel, a small village near Eindhoven. Since I started my pre-master, I’m living in the beautiful city of Nijmegen. Before I started at the Radboud University, I studied Advanced Business Creation in Den Bosch.

In my spare time I like to fitness at the sportscentre or to go out with friends. I love shopping, cooking and hang out with friends or my room mates.

Last year I joined Synergy and became an active member. I was part of the Formal Master committee which organized recruitment dinners for (pre-)master students. After I went on the Synergy Ski Trip, I discovered Synergy in a whole other way and went to a lot more activities.

I’m really excited for the upcoming year! I look forward to being part of the board and getting to know a lot of new people. I hope to see you all at our activities or in the Synergy room, where we can drink a cup of coffee and chat.

I wish you all a good year!