Meet our new Internal and Educational Affairs: Stephen Gijsbers

August 22nd, 2019

Stephen Gijsbers

Hi all, my name is Stephen Gijsbers and this year I will be in the board of Synergy as Commissioner Internal and Educational Affairs.

I am 22 years old and I’ve just finished my bachelor of Business Administration. I was born and raised in Silvolde (a small Dutch village close to the German border), living between all the little forests, meadows and farms, so coming to a city like Nijmegen was a big step for me. Nevertheless, I am very enjoying my student life over here.

I joined Synergy three years ago in the PR Committee. Later, I’ve also participated in several other formal and informal committees, like the Nijmegen Career Event Committee and the Synergy Week Committee. What I really liked about being in a committee is that you meet dozens of new people and that you can really put in practice all the theory you learn at the educational program! After three years of enjoying committees, I wanted to try something new. That is why I applied for the board of 2019-2020!

In this academic year, I am responsible for one of the main goals of Synergy: promoting the interests of all Business Administration, Business Economic and International Business Administration students. As a study association, we feel that it is very important to keep the quality of our educational program as high as possible. Therefore, I always stay in contact with teachers and other staff members to assure that feedback and complaints are processed correctly. So if you run into problems during your study, feel free to come by the Synergy Office!

I am very excited for this year and I hope to see you all at our activities and at the office!