Meet our new External Affairs: Chiel Tijdink

August 23rd, 2019

Chiel Tijdink

Hi everyone! My name is Chiel Tijdink and this year I’ll be the Commissioner External Affairs of Study Association Synergy. In this article I will introduce myself.

I was born and raised in Doetinchem, but I am living in Nijmegen for two years now. I am in my fourth year of Business Administration. I like to play soccer, together with Jean-pierre I am playing in a student soccer team called Paralympiacos. Besides this, I am also playing soccer every Sunday in my hometown. I also like to drink specialty beers with my friends and to travel.

I joined Synergy in my first year and my first committee was the Informal Committee. I met many new people during this committee. Besides this, I also learned to organize activities for big groups of people. After the Informal Committee, I did the Atlas Committee, where we organized a trip to Moscow. Last year I joined the Conference Committee, the Magazine Committee and the Member Deal Committee. After all these committees I was looking for another challenge and I decided to apply for the Synergy board.

This year I will be the Commissioner External Affairs of Study Association Synergy. This means I will be the contact person for all companies our study association cooperates with and I will be responsible for establishing new collaborations.  

I am looking forward to the coming year and I hope to see you all at our office or at our activities!