Meet our new Commissioner Internal Affairs: Bjorn Broeksteeg

August 20th, 2017

Bjorn Broeksteeg

The candidate board would like to introduce itself one by one this week. Meet our new Commissioner Internal Affairs today, Bjorn Broeksteeg

Hi everyone! 

I’m Bjorn Broeksteeg, twenty years old and the candidate Commissionar Internal Affairs. My hometown is Tiel, that is the place where I lived for eighteen years. But then I made the best decision of my life by choosing to study business administration in the beautiful city Nijmegen. In my spare time I like to cycle with my dad or just do something with my friends. One of my favorite activities is to buy some different types of beer and have a little beer tasting. We discover a few new beers every time!  

Last year I became an active member of Synergy by joining the sports committee. Together with my fellow members we organized the yearly Synergy soccer tournament and a team for the famous Batavierenrace. Now I start my third bachelor year and hope to make a great year with you all.  

The main objective of my function is to guarantee the quality of education. This consist of being part of the educational committee (OLC), contacting the teachers and all other things related to education. For example, I take care of the summaries which you can buy at the Synergy room. So if you have study related questions or you just want to talk and drink a cup of coffee come to me. 

Kind regards, 


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