Management Month: Novio Tech Campus

March 15th, 2019

Saskia Budke & Tsveta Milenova

Last month the first management month took place. One of the activities was a tour at the Novio Tech Campus. In this article you will read about the guided start-up tour and the experience of two students who attended the activity.

As a student in Nijmegen, especially as an international student, you are probably not aware of the opportunities the town has to offer. Nijmegen has more to offer than just a study environment. It is a startup hub. This is what surprised one of the international students, Dyon, who went to the tour on Novio Tech Campus on the 13th of February. Ramien, another another participant on the tour, was surprised to find out that only seven percent of startup companies succeed after the first five years.  

The day started off with a presentation about the company. From the presentation, it quickly became clear that Novio Tech Campus provides support to startup owners regarding (a) “getting their ideas straight”, (b) making sure that the product fits the market, (c ) how to make presentation for investors, (d) getting in touch with investors, (e) relationship building, (f) product testing among others. Then they were told about the importance of building a strong team and having a pleasant work environment. In addition, they were also got an insight as to why startups fail and that some of the most common reasons are lack of skills to build a team and funding.  Afterward, they were taken on a tour throughout the company.  

The one thing that really stood out for Dyon was that Nijmegen has “such a high number of startups”. Up to this point, he thought that with university and research on campus, all opportunities in Nijmegen are exhausted. Ramien was surprised to find out that 93% of all startups fail within the first five years worldwide and only seven percent succeed. Both of them were impressed by a Chilean man who moved to Nijmegen to start his own firm and the risk such a move entails if one has done it for a startup. Dyon and Ramien are considering on either starting a firm here or to at least get some practical training. So, it was an inspirational tour. 


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