Handy Dutch phrases and words

September 6th, 2019

Tsveta Milanova

Are you a non-Dutchie? Did you just arrive to the Netherlands? Do you want to further explore the country or to simply connect with your fellow Dutchies? If the answer is yes, have a look at the most useful phrases you are going to use or hear during your stay here!

Hoi: hi 

Gezondheid: bless you 

Gefeliciteerd!/ Proficiat!: Congratulations!  

Alsjeblieft: please  

Ik wil graag (your choice of food/ drink) I would like (name of food/drink) 

Hoe gaat het met je: How are you? 

Goed/Prima: Good/Fine

Waar is....? : where is....? 

Eerste: first  

Tweede: second  

Rechts: right 

Links: left 

Fiets: bicycle 

Fietsen: Ride a bicycle/ cycle  

Wat kost dat?How much does it cost? 

Kan ik pinnen?Can I PIN? 


Days of the week

Welke dag is (name of activity) When is (name of activity)? 

Maandag: Monday 

Dinsdag: Tuesday 

Woensdag: Wednesday 

Donderdag: Thursday 

Vrijdag: Friday 

Zaterdag: Saturday 

Zondag: Sunday  



Wat wil je drinken/etenWhat do you want to drink/eat? 

Bier/biertje: beer 

Wijn: wine  

Koffie: coffee 

Thee: tea  

Proost: cheers