Businesstrip 2019: a cocktail mix of company visits, pivo and little sleep!

April 9th, 2019

Chiel Tijdink

After 5 months of preparations with many meetings the business trip departed in the evening of March 11. Everybody was very enthusiastic and the first beers were opened even before the bus departed. After some beers, games and a lot of cosiness, everybody decided to get a few hours of sleep. The bus trip took 12 hours after which the destination was reached: say hello to Prague! Time for some rest? No, directly after arriving the first company visit took place. Our business trippers were welcomed at Socialbakers for a presentation and tour through their office in Prague. Socialbakers is an organization that helps brands with social media by using AI-powered marketing. The office of Socialbakers is very industrial, but the most notable thing was that some employees of Socialbakers bring their dog to work. After this first interesting company visit everyone was free to get a lunch in the city. Some chill-time in the city was followed by the next company visit: Nestlé. Nestlé is the largest food and beverage company of the world, and known from for example the brands Nescafé and KitKat. At arrival the group was welcomed with bowls full of hot sandwiches and fresh fruit. After an interesting presentation about corporate social responsibility at Nestlé it was time to settle at the hostel. By the time everyone was settled it was already dinner time. For today a spicy Indian buffet was arranged. After this delicious supper it was time for another important part of the business trip: discovering the nightlife! Everybody went to a club with 5 floors, every floor had another music style. In this club Synergy became a famous brand, the whole club was wearing Synergy stickers. After a few beers and a little more dancing, it was time for everybody to go to their beds and dream about the amazing day and the ones that would follow!

After a short night our business trippers were pampered with a delicious breakfast: Pancakes with Nutella! After breakfast it was time to visit another company. This time they went to the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. At this company they got a tour through the office, which is also used as a flex office. After this visit it was time to enjoy a lunch at the city. After lunch everyone gathered in the centre of Prague for a photo game. The group was split in small groups and they received some photos of places in Prague. The mission was to find the spot where these pictures were taken and to remake them by yourself in a creative way. At the end everyone was rather hungry, but luckily it was already time for dinner. This time the business trippers got the chance to eat some traditional Czech food. Nobody knows what they ate exactly, but it existed of five small dishes with hints of meat and something of cheese. After this dinner nearly everyone went to a cocktail bar and enjoyed the rest of the night.

After again a short night, everybody enjoyed a healthy breakfast of yoghurt with fruit. Unfortunately it was time to check out of the hostel after breakfast already. However, everybody was free to get a lunch by him- or herself. After lunch the last company visit was planned: the business trippers were welcome at Accenture. The company visit started with a general presentation about Accenture, but after this presentation the group was split into smaller groups and every small group got an extensive tour in the Accenture office. At Accenture the group was able to speak Dutch because many Dutch people work for Accenture in Prague. The last activity of the business trip was dinner at a monastery, with a monastery beer brewery. After some beers and good food it was time to go back to Nijmegen!

The long bus trip back home was filled with again a lot of cosiness but also some sleep for all our exhausted students the business trippers arrived back in Nijmegen. Conclusion: an educational and successful trip!