Beertasting and I Love Holland: delight to the fullest

September 20th, 2019

Georginio Bruinhard

It’s been a week since the Kick-Off committee started their activities, and after the first Synergy Drink that was very busy, it was time to take it slow with two other activities: Beer tasting and I Love Holland.

Let’s start with beer tasting! As soon as it became clear that this event was something a lot of people were looking forward to, subscriptions were reopened for a larger audience. On a rather chilly Thursday evening a big group of (pre-)master students gathered at De Hemel (‘Heaven’ in English), a place which would make you feel as if you’re in Paris or any other world city. Nijmegen was not recognisable at all, and everyone was taken away by the nice ambience De Hemel had to offer. For tonight, six beers were on the menu, of course varying in type and strength. As soon as the first beer was served, we reminded De Hemel of the fact that they were serving students: so, as you might expect, other craft beers were ordered next to it.

However, remember that these are still craft beers, after a round or 4/5 it became a lot more cosy, if you get what I mean. We ended the night with a craft beer called ‘Helse Engel’ (Angel from Hell), a triple beer De Hemel claims to be a silent killer. A good way to end a nice evening.

Next up was the event ‘I Love Holland’, which stems from the Dutch television show ‘Ik Hou van Holland’. In this television show, two groups compete against each other in quizzes surrounding multiple subjects, mostly Dutch subjects. Just like in the television show, two groups gathered at Bar2 on a Monday evening with the goal to leave as the winner. First off, we started with a general quiz, after which both teams had to guess which song was being played through the speakers. After the second round, spelling difficult words, both team Germany and team Russia had the same amount of points.

After that, it was time for the infamous birthday/bomb game, in which you have a ticking ‘bomb’ in your hands. You’re only allowed to pass on the bomb if you have the correct answer to a question, such as ‘How many times has The Netherlands won the EuroVision song festival?’. As you might expect, a lot of stress was involved.

We ended the night with the famous guessing game, in which you have to estimate numbers to questions you never look up, such as ‘How many kilometres long are all the roads in The Netherlands combined?’. Every time you get the correct answer you get to spin the wheel, which either gives you a lot more points, or makes you lose everything. This caused some unexpected results in the end.

All together it was a fun week in the Kick-Off period, but it's only the beginning. More events are to come in the current period, which will be covered here, in the Synergy Magazine.

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