Active member of the month: Sjoerd Koornstra

June 27th, 2019

Chiel Tijdink

On the 3th of June the Active Member of the Month May was announced at the monthly Synergy drink. The Active Member of the Month May is Sjoerd Koornstra. Together with his dedicated committee he organized the Synergy Week: a week full of fun!

Did you expect to become active member of the month?
No, not at all. I wasn’t at the drink either. Afterwards I was a little bit disappointed, because I wasn’t at the drink. Luckily, I received my price the next day at the Synergy room.

You are a familiar face at Synergy, but can you tell something about yourself for the people that don’t know you very well?
Well, I am Sjoerd and I am 20 years old. I am from Best near Eindhoven, so I am a diehard PSV fan. Unfortunately we didn’t win the title last year, but I have to admit Ajax deserved it. I am living in Nijmegen since I started here last summer. In my spare time I like to sport, especially to play badminton and to do some activities with my friends.

You became active member of the month for all your effort at the Synergy Week Committee, how did you experience the Synergy Week?
I enjoyed the week a lot. I am very proud of what we in such a short time achieved. There are always some aspects that could have been better but we need to look at the things we achieved as committee. For me, the highlight of the week was the graffiti workshop because it was unique. But I also liked bubble soccer a lot. The goal we had as committee was to get people to the activities who are never at the activities. With bubble soccer we achieved this goal.

How did you experience the role as chairman of the Synergy Week Committee?
I have always wanted to be chairman once, because I like to manage people. I was part of the Business Trip Committee earlier this year and after this committee it was my personal goal to become chairman. As chairman I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I was confronted with my weaknesses. I also learned to be supportive and to trust on my committee members. And of course I had my own plans at the start of the committee, but sometimes you have to put your own plans aside.

The holiday is coming close, what are your plans for next year?
I have a new job now and next year I will work 15 hours per week. It isn’t an internship, but it is closely related to Business Administration. Beside my job I expect that the second year of Business Administration will be harder than the first year. For next year I want to stay active at Synergy, but I don’t really know which committee yet.