Active Member of the Month: Joes van 't Wout

October 9th, 2017

Jop Zegger

This interview was very easy to arrange, because Joes happens to live right next to me at my hall. The initial idea was to do the interview at Tuesday morning after the Synergy Drink, but when it became very late and we were both still present we decided to do the interview another time. A couple days later we sat down with a nice beer.
Why did Joes join the Kick-Off committee? “I wanted to do it because last year I was at almost all of the activities in the first two months.” He also likes the idea that there are a lot of activities after the intro. “The introduction is such a busy and fun period, it is very strange to just start university again after that. I wanted to have some more activities before getting used to the normal life again.”
He especially liked the freedom that the committee got. “We could do almost anything we wanted, we only had to meet a couple of criteria.” Because of this freedom and trust they got from Synergy he learned a lot. There are a lot of problems we had to solve, and a lot of unexpected things we had to deal with. “The best thing is that you just can arrange two months of activities by yourself. We didn’t have to take other activities into account.”
The committee itself was chaotic at certain moments, but in the end the activities always went the way they wanted it to. In September all activities were actually full, so everything went very well and people were enthusiastic. When the committee started, Joes knew half the people already from IBA, where he is in his second year now. The others he didn’t know. “But we had a couple of meetings and we had dinner together and we became a close group very quickly.”
Joes says he has learned a lot with the Kick-Off committee. “I learned how to organize in a very informal way.” He says he chose to learn the informal way at Synergy. Last year he learned about Aiesec and he decided to join them in a part time board function. “This year I’m going to learn on a more formal way.” But are we going to see Joes again at Synergy? “I will be attending a lot of activities this year, and perhaps I will join a committee next year again.”
If you have not been to an activity of the Kick-Off committee, there are not a lot of opportunities left. But: “there will be one more amazing activity, the ‘Pullen Vullen’, where the core of the activity is just about drinking a lot of beer.”
Be there or be square the 16th of oktober at the Heidi’s Skihut, to congratulate Joes one more time on his well-deserved title!