Active member of the month: Hadewych van Reeuwijk

March 22nd, 2019

Chiel Tijdink

On the 11th of March the active member of the month were announced at the monthly Synergy drink. The active member of the month March is, totally justified, Hadewych van Reeuwijk. With her extremely motivated committee she organized a successful conference last month.

Hadewych is a third year Business Administration student. She is a familiar face at Synergy: in her first year, she was a part of the Synergy Drink Committee and last year , she was the chairman of the Synergy Conference Committee. Besides Synergy, Hadewych is also active at Phocas, the rowing association of Nijmegen: “When I became a member of Phocas everybody from my home town laughed at me because I am one of the least sportive people in the world.” Besides her study and the conference, she is also busy with a parttime boardyear: “Because of my membership at Phocas I became the chairman of Villa van Schaeck, sometimes this is a little bit busy but it is also a lot of fun!”

Hadewych was the chairman of the conference committee last year. As chairwoman, she had several tasks like: keeping the overview, keep contact with the Synergy board, keeping the process on track, preparing the meetings and helping wherever possible. Besides her tasks, Hadewych had also the freedom to do some extra things like finding a chief of the day and helping with finding speakers for the conference.

The role of chairman was appreciated by Hadewych: “In the beginning I need to get used to my role as chairman because I had no experience with this role, but after all I learned a lot and I liked the role of chairman very much.” Hadewych is very close with her committee: “It is not only a committee, but also a group of friends. We went on a weekend to Limburg together and we became very close during the year.

The conference, itself, was a big success. Hadewych got the feeling that everyone liked the conference: “I recognized that nearly everyone was smiling the whole day and everyone was very active in the workshops. It is nice to see that people are enjoying the day, because we put a lot of effort in it and it is nice when all the effort is worth it.”  At the beginning of the day, Hadewych was a little nervous: “I was nervous till the first speaker, but after the first speaker I saw that everything went well and that the whole committee was taking their responsibilities. Because everything went well, I had no stress during the day, so, my compliments to the rest of the committee!” At the end of the day, the committee celebrated the success of the conference: “We went to a restaurant to eat together and after dinner we went to a bar and had some drinks to celebrate the day!”

Because the conference committee is over, now for Hadewych and her committee there is space for some new projects: “I am going to do an internship the coming half year and hopefully next year a new committee at Synergy!”