A week in the life of.... Mathijs van Doorn!

February 26th, 2018


Hi Everyone,
In this article I will write about what the average week as a board member of Synergy looks like. Enjoy reading!

Monday 19th of February
On Monday, Synergy organized the Grand Opening of the new office to celebrate the new office we have. To celebrate properly, Sabien and I arranged cake and a whirlwind cabinet with lots of awesome prizes to win. In my job as secretary I have the opportunity to work on special projects such as this Grand Opening. I spent the majority of this day talking with members and playing games. As a secretary, my day to day work consists of lots of different tasks. On Monday I was mainly focused on keeping our website up to date, adding new upcoming events to the website and uploading photos of previous events.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed a nice Wok-to-Go meal with several members in the Synergy office, as we waited for the event in the evening. At 7 PM, the Mario Kart Tournament took place. The tournament was a lot of fun as all participants were very competitive, but in the end my fellow board member Bjorn managed to win the Tournament (after beating me in the semi-final….). After the tournament I went to the center of town to celebrate the birthday of Jurian, one of the members of the Synergy Magazine committee, who turned 23 years old. We enjoyed a game of Beer Bingo and even won a garden gnome!



Tuesday 20th of February

On Tuesday I started the day with a meeting with my board members. Although we usually meet on Wednesday morning for our weekly meeting, this week there where some additional meetings to discuss Synergy’s policy. After the meeting I wrote some birthday cards for a few committee members. All active members of Synergy receive a handwritten birthday card by me. I also maintain Synergy’s email, so I spent most of my morning on that as well. During the lunch break, the second Active Membership Information Session of the year took place. I accompanied Sabien in the preparation and I attended the information session to take  some pictures. In the evening, I met my board members again as we had another policy meeting.

Wednesday 21st of February
Wednesday started with the weekly board meeting. During this meeting the board members update each other on their activities and discuss several topics. As a secretary, I make notes during all meetings. In the afternoon, Bjorn and I had to move some of Synergy’s stuff from one of our storages in the TvA building to the storage in the EOS building. I also added some new upcoming events and vacancies on the website and worked on various emails. In the evening I made dinner with Sabien and Jamie Lee. As a board member, you get to know lots of board members of other study associations, which is really cool. Some study associations had their gala on Wednesday and we were invited. We had lots of fun during the gala as you can see in the pictures.

Thursday 22nd of February
On Thursday morning, Bjorn and I went to do some grocery shopping and we prepared the lunch for the lunch lecture by iTrainee. Unfortunately I could not attend the lunch lecture as I had to work on several tasks. Luckily, some of the sandwiches were left so I still could enjoy the lunch afterwards. After finishing my lunch I went to one of the other study associations to fix an issue with the email system. In the evening, Synergy organized the Party Night! Along with 40 students, I took the bus to Utrecht. In Utrecht we enjoyed pizza, had a pub crawl and had lots of fun partying there. One of the big advantages of doing a board year is that you attend all activities Synergy organizes.

Friday 23rd of February
My Friday morning was all about sleeping. Because of the Party Night the night before, I decided that it was a good idea to take the morning off and enjoy some well-deserved extra hours of sleep. Usually on Friday it is a lot more quiet at the Synergy office, as many students are already off to celebrate the weekend. However, this Friday, several young high school students visited our office to do some orientation on what to study after high school. I spend most of my afternoon talking with several groups of high school students. The last hour, I enjoyed a game of ‘toepen’ against Tom. Although he usually plays better than me, I managed to win easily. At 5 PM, we went to eat at the restaurant in the hospital, as we decided we were to lazy to cook ourselves. In the evening, I went to Sabiens house to  celebrate her birthday (she turned 23 on Saturday!). Later during the night we went to the city center to continue the birthday party.

Saturday 24th of February
On Saturday, I spent the majority of my day in my bed, watching Netflix and playing a bit of FIFA. I decided to quit having a job alongside the board year, so that I could spend my weekends relaxing. In the evening, I went to a friend of mine to make dinner and watch a few movies. If anyone is interested in watching horror movies, I can really recommend Gerald’s Game (it’s on Netflix!). We actually decided to cook healthy and thus we made a meal salad (in the picture it looks disgusting though it tasted pretty nice actually).


Sunday 25th of February
On Sunday I spent most of my time relaxing as well. I had contact with some of the Synergy committees that I guide and spend some time writing this article. In the afternoon I went to my Dad, who also lives in Nijmegen. Together we went for a run, had dinner and watched Eredivisie.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week. What I love about being a board member is that every week is completely different but equally fun. As a board member you get to meet a lot of awesome people, attend all kinds of activities and in general have lots of fun.