A week in the life of: Jamie Lee Visser

February 16th, 2018

Jamie Lee Visser

Hello everybody!

It is my turn to tell you about a week in my life as a board member of Synergy. 

Wednesday, January 31st As usual on Wednesday we started the morning with the weekly boardmeeting. With a weekly meeting we keep each other informed about issues in which we are involved at that moment. This is very useful because during a fulltime boardyear a lot happens in a week. After the meeting everyone started doing their own tasks. As a treasurer, I do not have a fixed weekly schedule, but I always have things that come back at a certain moment in the month. Today for example, the month-end closing. Together with our vice-treasurer (Bjorn), I counted all the money boxes and recorded this in the accounting program we use. During the rest of the afternoon a number of treasurers from committees came along to discuss their budgets. I also made a money box for the afterexam drink of that evening. The afterexam drink in the sport café was a lot of fun!

Thursday, February 1st Today, Tom and I, as members of the board of Career Vision, had a meeting in Utrecht. Another benefit of becoming a treasurer at Synergy is that you also become the treasurer of Career Vision. Career Vision is a foundation which sends mailings about career opportunities to students together with 3 other study associations. Approximately every 6 weeks you will meet in Utrecht and have lunch together which is of course super nice! After this, Tom and I went back to Nijmegen straight to the Synergy room to do some work. In the evening we had no activity so I agreed to meet up with my roommates. We made pancakes for dinner and watched the new season of Temptation Island together with some gin tonics.

Friday, February 2nd Today my day started early because I am chief of the day, which means that I had to open the Synergy room at 09:00. I don’t mind to be the chief of the day because in the morning it is still very quiet and nobody is nagging about my music… I also updated the bookkeeping in the morning, because next week I’m going to France and otherwise I will end up behind. Because it is also the beginning of a new month I made some invoices, signed them and send them to the right persons. After this I made a new money box for the second afterexam drink which started at 15:00 in the afternoon. This drink was again a lot of fun, but I had to leave early to go to my parents’ house to get some last stuff for the ski trip. 

Saturday, February 3rd Today is finally the day that the Synergy ski trip leaves to Les Orres in France. Before we leave in the afternoon I had to buy some final stuff to survive the 14 hours bus trip. I also packed some last stuff in my overfull suitcase. Then at 19:30 we finally went to the meeting point at the Central Station of Nijmegen. Here we waited for the bus to arrive and then the long trip to France started. The start of the trip went very smoothly but in Belgium we ended up in a blizzard. This caused some delay, but luckily the bus driver let me choose a movie (WALL-E). After the last stop around 01:00 at night everybody went to sleep or at least tried.  

Sunday, February 4th In the morning we woke up still sitting in the bus but with a great view. At this moment we drove through the snow-covered mountains in France and at the same time the sun slowly rose. It was a beautiful view but I couldn’t wait to arrive in Les Orres. When we finally arrived around 11:00, it looked even more pretty then I could imagine. After we checked in the apartments we quickly got dressed and picked up our ski material. I never went on a skiing holiday so I just tried the baby ski slope this day, because the beginners lessons only started the next day. In the afternoon we first had some drinks at the après ski before we had dinner with the whole group. After dinner we had some drinks with our room and then we went to the club with the whole group again.  

Monday, February 5th Today the day started very early because everybody was very excited to ski. Actually every morning our apartment was always up early, but because of this we could have breakfast together every day. This morning it snowed outside which made the view even nicer! My first ever ski lesson started at 10:00 and luckily I wasn’t the only one from the group who never skied before. I loved the ski lessons and in the afternoon we went exploring the slopes ourselves. Then the après ski started at 17:00 again and after we had done some drinks here, we cooked dinner with the room. At night our room didn’t go out but we had a little party ourselves. 

Tuesday, February 6th Today and the rest of the week was kind of the same routine. We all stood up at 8:30, had breakfast together and left to the ski slopes for the ski lessons. At the end of the lesson I was called by someone from the committee. Someone of the group had an accident on the ski slopes and had to go to the emergency room because it didn't look right. As a board member you are responsible for everything that happens during a trip of Synergy. So this day went a little different and therefore we skipped the après ski. At night the ski trip committee had organized a dinner rouler, which means that you eat every meal in a different room with different people from the group. This was a lot of fun and with a lot of creative ideas. I prepared the dessert which was of course very delicious.

The rest of the ski trip was also a lot of fun! I could recommend everyone to join the ski trip once, even if you cannot ski!