A week in the life of: Cindy Balvert

December 1st, 2017

Cindy Balvert

Hello everybody!

It is time to tell you more about a week from my board year.

Let’s start with Monday.
The first day of the week, I had to start at 10 o’clock in the morning. As you can see in the picture, I am the type of person to put multiple alarm clocks. Once I arrived at the Synergy office, I usually start the day with a quark with granola, because I believe this is kind of healthy. During this day I had a few meetings with members. I also did an interview with two students who are doing a research project about Synergy. The rest of the day I mostly spent my time preparing the move to the Gymnasion. After my day at Synergy, I bought groceries. It is kind of unique that I can share this moment with you, because I had not bought any groceries for weeks.  Just like I’ve cooked this evening, which I usually do not have the time for. After diner, I had a relaxing evening with Kevin, my boyfriend. We made two different gin tonics and we watched TV while enjoying all kind of snacks.

Tuesday was the first day of the Nijmegen Career Event. This day, I had to be present at 8 AM, which was really early (haha). In the beginning of the day, I listened to the opening speaker. The rest of the day I helped the Nijmegen Career Committee with several things. In the early afternoon, I enjoyed the delicious lunch. Later in the afternoon, I followed the workshop of Lidl and afterwards we enjoyed the drink. Because everyone was already tired after the first day of the Nijmegen Career Event, we chose to get some wok to go.  With a few people we ended the day with a drink at someone’s home.

Wednesday was the second day of the Nijmegen Career Event. This day I also helped the Nijmegen Career Event Committee, I participated at the workshop of SeederDeBoer and had an individual conversation with Nedap. Just as the day before, this day ended with a drink. After the Nijmegen Career Event, we went out for dinner with the Nijmegen Career Event Committee of this year, the Nijmegen Career Event Committee of next year and the board of ESV. To celebrate that the event went so well,  we went out to party. It was a very nice evening, with a lot of fun!

Thursday, it was very hard to get out of bed. The night before, was a good night.  I didn’t work a lot this day. Together with Mathijs, we looked for a location for our board weekend in March. In the evening, I cooked again (second time this week, wow). And after that I plumped down on the sofa. Together with Bianca, my sister, we watched the movie Nanny McPhee (while we both fell asleep every now and then). After this movie I was about to go to bed, yet I decided to go to Kevin. We watched the movie Star Wars together while enjoying a beer and some snacks.

Friday, I worked on several things for Synergy. For example, I wrote the board information folder. In the afternoon we had a cleaning session because we have to throw a lot of stuff away and we have to pack all our stuff. In the evening I cooked again (sorry, totally not representative of other weeks of me). And after that, like almost every weekend I went to Duiven, to my mom’s home. In the evening, I finally had the time to do my nails by Nails by Von.


My weekends often have the same routine. I worked both days of the weekend at Albert Heijn. This weekend I got a present of Saint Nicholas. Saturday is always a pizza night and mostly every Saturday night I watch TV together with my mom and sisters. Furthermore, every weekend I enjoy spending time with our six dogs. After working on Sunday, I ate at my mom's and after that I went back to Nijmegen.


So, this is what a week of me looks like. Perhaps this one was not entirely representative, because I usually almost never cook or do grocery shopping. And most of the time I have also other activities of Synergy. However, it still was a week with a lot of fun!

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