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In general
Synergy is the study association for students (International) Business Administration at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. We take care of the interests of almost 2.000 students, by supporting them in their personal development. Each year, about 150 dedicated active members organise a wide range of activities. These activities are both aimed at bringing students together and at their professional maturation.

What makes Nijmegen unique?
Business Administration in Nijmegen distinguishes itself by an emphasis on social processes. The Nijmegen business expert acknowledges his social role and endorses that doing business is also a human activity. This enables students to find the right solution to an organizational problem, because they take context into consideration. By using findings from multiple scientific disciplines, students are taught to have an ample scope.

Cooperate with Synergy
Every year, approximately 400 students receive their Master’s degree in Business Administration. Synergy is aware of the importance of contact with companies. In order to ensure yourself of the best employees, it is indispensable to get in contact with our students. For more information, check the general brochure (in Dutch) or contact Kim Spies, the Commissioner External Affairs.

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